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The Baby Planned Parenthood Can't Silence


The abortion industry is barbaric and satanic. Planned Parenthood was recently caught selling aborted baby organs -- tiny livers, hearts and brains. That's what they do: Kill unborn babies and harvest their body parts, all with the help of government funds to the tune of $540,000,000. Your tax dollars.

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What will it take to finally put Planned Parenthood out of business? For sure, a great conversion. Like a new Saint Paul, America needs to convert. That's why TFP Student Action invites you to help change hearts and minds by sharing this powerful new pro-life video.

Will you please help us get this pro-life video into the hands of as many college and high school students as possible? As you already know, the need to defend the unborn in our culture is urgent and vital -- especially on college campuses and high schools.

And this video gives you a great tool to do that -- to change hearts and minds. So please watch it. Share it. And promote it.

God bless you.

Video text: Pro-Life Baby Says What Planned Parenthood Doesn't Want You to Hear

I am writing this letter to all Americans, but especially to mothers.
This is my story.

I just finished eating and was ready to go to sleep. Then I heard a strange voice talking to my mother. The voice made me cry. I remember my mom feeling scared too. Then I felt a huge, cold, and sharp device. I remember yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! What are you doing to me?"

With all my strength, I clung to the most beautiful thing I had, my mother.

I was a baby. But that strange voice called me a blob. Mommy, I just wanted to be born, to hug you and kiss you, and tell you that you are the best mother in the world. I just wanted to be born to brighten your gloomy days and fill you with happiness.

I wanted to celebrate my 1st birthday. Go to school... Play in the park... And open presents like other children.

But all my dreams vanished.

I was never given a chance to play, laugh or even pray. Because I was never given a chance to live.

Something cold grabbed me and hurt me. I yelled with pain, "Mommy! Mommy! Don't do this to me! I beg you Mama; take this pain away from me. I promise I will be good. Please, don't let me die! I beg you!"

As a baby that loves his mother, I kept fighting for life. But I didn't look like a normal baby anymore. In a few minutes, I died.

Mama, I only want to tell you that I forgive you and I love you. I also want to ask you for a small favor. Tell all mothers not to fall for abortion.

I love you mama.

The Center for Medical Progress released an undercover video that records a conversation with one of Planned Parenthood's top doctors, Deborah Nucatola, who describes how partial-birth abortions are performed to harvest and sell baby organs to customers. It doesn't get worse than this.