Feb 24, 2021 Print this article

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Abortion: Incredible Contrast of Two Marches

The contrast in this compilation is really incredible. Two very different marches in Washington, D.C. reveal how America is divided between those who are pro-life and those who support abortion. See for yourself.

This video showcases and compares the annual March for Life with the feminist Women’s March for three consecutive years: 2017, 2019, and 2020. The annual March for Life is the largest event in the world focused on stopping abortion. It's peaceful, prayerful and respectful.  

The Women's March, however, promotes abortion on demand as well as homosexuality and transgenderism. This event is angry, vulgar and obscene. 

These marches represent two opposing worldviews, two Americas: One America fights for moral values and the other America tramples on those values. Ultimately, there is a battle between the America that loves God and His Law and the America that promotes vice and the culture of death. 

Which march would you go to? 

Which America will you fight for?