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Foul Abortion Advocates Try to Stop Pro-Life Crusaders but Fail

When will abortion finally end in America?

Shortly before the life-saving Heartbeat Bill went into effect in Texas, volunteers with TFP-Texas launched their caravan, starting near NASA and the Kemah Boardwalk in Houston. From there the young cadre of Catholic pro-life crusaders spent three weeks of their summer vacation to stand up for moral values in cities such as Austin, TX, New Orleans, LA, Mobile, AL, Charleston, SC, and New York City.

The pro-life caravan dedicated to the patronage of Saint John the Baptist was focused on defending the right to life of the unborn, as well as opposing homosexual “marriage” and the threats of socialism in our country.

This video captures highlights of the action-packed journey, including the attempt of pro-abortion activists to hinder and harass the advance of the crusade.

Saint John the Baptist defeated impurity and fought against pride. He told hard truths to the wicked and cut off the paths of their iniquity. He is an important patron saint for those who seek to spread the truth.

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