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Catholics to Rivier University: Homosexuality is NOT a Family Value

“Truth can change as long as two parties consent to it,” claimed one student.

Rivier University, a Catholic institution in New Hampshire, published a "wedding" photo of two women kissing in the pages of its flagship magazine, Rivier Today. This act of revolt against moral values prompted TFP Student Action volunteers and dozens of faithful Catholics to hold a peaceful protest at the gates of the university on September 8, Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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With a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima, Catholics young and old gathered on the sidewalk to pray the rosary and proclaim the sanctity of true marriage with signs reading, “Rivier U: Same-Sex Sin is NOT a Family Value,” “Shame on Catholic Rivier University for promoting same-sex ‘marriage,’” “Purity is the Only Answer,” and “God’s Marriage = 1 Man and 1 Woman.”

One couple attending the protest said, “your [TFP] bravery and your courage… gives us the courage and bravery to come out of our comfort zones and participate in events like this.”

A steady stream of traffic passed by the rally for God’s marriage and many drivers “honked” or waved to express their appreciation and support.

However, a group of Rivier students with rainbow stickers on their cheeks arrived not to pray the rosary, but to hurl insults and interrupt the peaceful demonstration. They displayed a rainbow flag and a yellow Amnesty International flag. When TFP Student Action volunteer Gregory Murphy explained to a group of students that morality doesn’t change, one responded that, “truth can change, as long as two parties consent to it,” he said. “In a thousand years murder could be okay. I really believe that.”

Another pro-homosexual student who claimed to have learned theology could not explain the origin and meaning of Roman Catholic and insisted that Catholics translated the Bible “into a racist, white version.” He also refused to accept the TFP’s pro-family handout, saying that it would “burn” his fingers. Shortly after he let out a shrieking howl to interrupt the prayers.

A nursing student who was also pro-abortion said she would seek to harm TFP volunteers. “If I am a nurse and I see any of you in the hospital you better hope, you better hope…” Her mouth was promptly covered by friend.

Despite the deep moral crisis corroding society, culture and Catholic higher education, we must fly to the Blessed Virgin Mary for help. As Saint Maximilian Kolbe put it, “the conflict with Hell cannot be maintained by men, even the most clever. The Immaculata alone has from God the promise of victory over Satan.”

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