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TFP Student Action Conference: A Call to Battle

Evil is more and more brazen. The One True Faith and the remnants of Christian Civilization are under attack every day. In the teeth of so much confusion and chaos, can we remain silent? Should we bury our heads in the sand like the ostrich?


To meet the challenges of 2020, college students from multiple states gathered at the American TFP’s headquarters in Spring Grove, Penn. for a TFP Student Action conference titled, “Catholic Men Battling for the Glory of God.”

Many of the lectures, inspired by Prof. Plinio Corrệa de Oliveira’s work Revolution and Counter-Revolution, gave the participants guiding principles to fight for Christian Civilization in 2020.

Topics included:

  • How to Dismantle the Dictatorship of Equality
  • Environmentalism: Why Green is the New Red
  • Standing Faithful Amid the Storm in the Church
  • How Culture Shapes Civilization
  • The Best Way to Destroy Relativism on Campus
  • How to Organize on Your Campus
  • The Certainty of Victory

Students were given tips and suggestions on how to better organize on their campuses in the good fight for moral values. That included debate practices, brainstorm sessions, and hands-on analysis.

The fostering of Catholic manhood and true piety is a key aspect of TFP Student Action’s mission. The participants enjoyed a sword fighting demonstration and were likewise pleased to sing the Little Office of Our Lady in traditional Gregorian Chant.

One of the highlights of the conference was a campaign for the unborn in downtown Baltimore, Maryland on New Year’s Eve. The sight of about forty men carrying the TFP standards, banners and signs defending the unborn was breathtaking. The enthusiastic group of young men shouted slogans calling for Americans to join the struggle to restore the moral fabric of our nation.

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“Americans, Americans” – the slogans echoed -- “We invite you to fight to restore the moral fabric of the red, white and blue! We will fight for tradition, family and property.”

At intervals the bagpipes and drums played.

The slogans resumed: “Why are we here? Like Mary at the foot of the Cross, we are here to console Jesus for the slaughter of unborn.”

Throughout the conference, participants expressed how much they enjoyed meeting like-minded Catholics, forging new friendships, and receiving a spiritual boost to continue fighting the good fight.

In our confusing times, may the Blessed Virgin Mary grant young Catholics the courage to face every challenge and the grace to overcome every obstacle in the noble struggle to restore Christian Civilization. For as St. Louis de Montfort said so eloquently in his Letter to the Friends of the Cross:

“…you are like crusaders united to fight against the world; not like Religious who retreat from the world lest they be overcome, but like brave and valiant warriors on the battle-field, who refuse to retreat or even yield an inch. Be brave and fight courageously.”

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