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College Students Challenged to Be Catholic Leaders at TFP Event in Europe

As the summer was coming to a close, young men from across Europe gathered in Creutzwald, France, for a university-level conference with a special purpose: learn how to be Catholic Counterrevolutionary leaders and oppose the moral crisis in society.

The summer event, which took place from August 18-25, also aimed at helping these young men rediscover their European Christian heritage.

Every day, first thing in the morning, participants gathered for the raising of the TFP standard. This was followed by the profession of the Faith through the singing of the Creed.

Each day’s program included highly interesting talks, usually followed by study workshops that aimed at gaining a greater understanding of the material just covered.

A variety of topics, ranging from the crisis in the Church to the importance of cultivating one’s spiritual life, were studied.

Perhaps one of the most inspiring meetings was about St. Louis de Montfort’s classic book True Devotion to Mary by Mr. Stanislaw Sadowski, a Polish TFP member. He emphasized the importance of having a strong devotion to Our Lady, who is always ready to help us in our struggle against the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Besides fantastic talks, there were other activities: a trip to the local archery club for an afternoon of target practice; an outing to Doremy, the birthplace of Saint Joan of Arc; and a pro-family campaign in the city of Thionville.

Unquestionably, the highlight was a visit to the imposing Castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg located in the Vosges mountains, within the Alsace region of France. This impressive fortification provided conference attendees with a glimpse into the glorious medieval period.

The final talk was given by His Highness Duke Paul von Oldenburg who exhorted the students to remain steadfast in the crusade to restore Christian Civilization in Europe.

True love of God is not idle but a source of motivation to carry out good works. Therefore, answering Duke Paul's call, the young men were invited to join a four-day campaign for the faithful restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral.

The public tour -- or caravan -- took place in several cities, including Strasbourg, Rheims, and Nancy, the capital of Lorraine.

The caravan members collected signatures petitioning President Emmanuel Macron and the French government to restore the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris to its former glory. This campaign was necessary because of the recent suggestions to restore the Cathedral in a modern style. This must never happen because Notre-Dame is not just a symbol of France, but also of Christendom.

“Contemporary art in Notre Dame would be to disfigure this symbol of medieval art that amazes 13 million visitors every year,” the petition reads. “It would be an attack on the Christian identity of France that would taint your government forever.”

With 117,873 signatures collected, more and more people are joining the ranks of those “who venerate Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as bequeathed to us through its nine centuries of history.”

After the caravan, the young men, strengthened in their faith, prepared to continue fighting for the restoration of Christian Civilization with greater vigor and zeal.