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Sony movie ‘Unholy’ Attacks the Mother of God on Good Friday


by Joseph Meyers

On Good Friday, when some churches will remain closed for the most sacred feast of the year, a film named The Unholy by Sony Pictures will be showing in theaters around the nation.

The film is a direct and highly symbolic attack on Our Lady with sequences so horrific and hideous that anyone watching them will be unable to feel comfortable before a statue of the Blessed Mother for a significant time afterward, if ever.

Film scenes include black liquid running from the eyes of a statue of Mary and a macabre skeleton figure dressed like Our Lady. The film’s logo is a slate-grey image of the Virgin Mary holding a large rosary with an inverted cross-twined through long skeletal fingers.

The movie attacks Our Lady’s good reputation as a loving mother and a safe refuge for troubled souls. The way Unholy smears her sweetness, beauty, and goodness -- the core of her being -- which she personifies more than any other creature, is an act of open war by Satan against his eternal enemy. To ridicule the pinnacle of creation, the creature God loves most, is an act of defiance against Our Lord.

Furthermore, coming out on Good Friday shows how deliberate this attack is and how grievously it must offend God.

When we place this film within the broader context of events, such as the efforts of Fr. James Martin to excuse Judas, the traitor who betrayed Christ, occurring almost simultaneously with Pope Francis’ undermining of the supernatural role of Our Lady as Co-Redemptrix, and trying to present her as an ordinary woman, it becomes evident that Unholy is part of a grand strategy in war that seeks to destroy the very ideas of good and evil by destroying their symbols, and thus, undermine the moral and spiritual roots of multiple generations of Catholics and non Catholics alike.

The film is based on a 1983 horror novel called Shrine written by British novelist James Herbert. He received the “Grand Master of Horror” award from fellow author Stephen King at the World Horror Convention and was later found dead on his estate from undisclosed causes.

Raised Catholic, Herbert penned Shrine as a paranormal exploration into themes such as reincarnation, psychological influence, and alchemy clothed in religious trappings with lots of Catholic imagery. Still, with no mention of possession or anything openly supernatural, the word “demonic” only occurs five or six times in a book of over five hundred pages. The word “Satan” appears three times and “possession” only twice within a religious context.

The theme or agenda of the book is a sort of gnostic materialism, a synthesis of the belief that nothing exists beyond the measurable, material universe and a curiosity about mysterious, secret forces in nature that can be manipulated by certain people with strength of character and knowledge of these secrets. Through this type of “exploration” the person conducts all sorts of experiments, spells, rituals, and even sacrifices invoking demonic powers without admitting or denying the existence of actual supernatural beings or realities.

The Devil’s two favorite types of people, as C. S. Lewis indicates in his Screwtape Letters, are those who either worship him, or those who do not believe he exists. This theme of the gnostic materialist creates a synthesis between the two. Clothed as entertainment and presented to the minds of a generation without roots or conviction, educated to believe in nothing, the film Unholy will captivate, corrupt, and destroy them. How many will notice or identify its poison?

This type of entertainment can be more dangerous and powerful than blatant Satanism because of its subtlety. The Satanist knows that God exists. He acknowledges the reality of good and evil. He merely chooses to side with evil. However, the gnostic materialist admits the existence of nothing, engages in the same activities as the Satanist while remaining nominally skeptical, and carrying on his actions under the guise of “entertainment” “fun” or “curiosity.” He will say: “It’s just fiction.”

The worst thing about The Unholy is its direct, apparent, and monstrous attack against Our Lady, who is loved, revered, and deserving of the highest esteem and respect.

Who can stand by and watch an innocent woman under attack? And not just AN innocent woman, but THE innocent woman!

Join the spiritual battle in exposing Sony, and stand up for the Mother of God.

Contact Sony Pictures CEO:
Mr. Tony Vinciquerra

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