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School Board Says NO to Satan Club in Elementary School

Satanism failed this time. On April 19, 2022, the Northern York School Board voted against allowing an After School Satan Club to operate at Northern Elementary School. The school board’s eight to one decision to protect children from evil was received with applause by the local community. However, The Satanic Temple already retaliated with a lawsuit.

Watch exclusive footage of the hearing here:

The controversial proposal to open a pro-satanic club at Northern Elementary sparked a major reaction among residents in Dillsburg, Penn. So many parents wanted to voice their concern that the school board meeting held last Tuesday was moved to a larger auditorium at Northern High School to accommodate the unusual turnout.

Once the floor opened for public comment, dozens of God-fearing Americans stepped forward. They expressed total rejection of the After School Satan Club with great passion.

“I strongly oppose the After School Satan Club sponsored by the Satanic Temple,” said TFP Student Action volunteer Evan Olwell. “The Satanic Temple, which targets school children, describes itself as a non-theistic religion. However, a non-theistic religion is an oxymoron, a blatant contradiction. Satanism is not a religion but rather an anti-religion because it is anti-God.”

TFP volunteers brought “Say NO to the Satan Club” signs to the meeting. In no time, meeting goers snatched them up and displayed them throughout the auditorium. Hundreds of TFP flyers containing talking points against satanism also spread among the crowd.

Although a handful of Satanists attempted to explain the “benefits” of a satan club for children, their message fell flat and failed to persuade the school board.

Anyone still on the fence about Satanism was startled when one of the mothers, Jackie Bieber, told the audience how her daughter was coaxed by a satanic group to commit suicide. “They gave her step-by-step instructions,” she said. After the tragic death of her daughter, the distraught mother moved with her remaining children to Dillsburg, hoping to find a better atmosphere for the family. However, her hopes were shattered when she heard about the proposed Satan club in the area. “Now they’re going to be subjected to evil,” she said. “They [satanist group] talk about the violation of ‘rights,’ but what about the violation of our children?”

Nevertheless, pro-satan advocates in the room insisted that the After School Satan Club would be harmless to children.

But TFP volunteer, Evan Olwell, called them out. “This revolutionary figure – satan – is universally regarded through history as a tempter, liar, murderer and thief; the embodiment of evil.”

“Satan has no rights because evil has no rights,” said Olwell. “Some things should NOT be allowed in schools. For example, allowing a club for neo-Nazis would be wrong, and it would be wrong to allow a club for student drug dealers… Adults have to protect children from evil, not expose them to it. Having a program in school where Satan is invoked exposes every child – directly or indirectly – to real spiritual harm.”

“The devil has no place in school,” Olwell concluded. “Not now, and not in the future.”

Those who tried to present the After School Satan Club as nothing more than a cute attention grabber were confronted with facts. As the TFP handout points out, the satanic organization that sponsors After School Satan Clubs is anti-God, anti-Christian, and anti-family.

Dark rituals approved by The Satanic Temple include:

  • Unbaptism, where participants renounce the True Faith;
  • Destruction Ritual, where participants destroy an object they own that symbolizes a source of pain in their lives, which exorcists claim, can often mean something like a crucifix or a bible;
  • Defiance Ritual where a person pledges to challenge the status quo; and
  • Black Mass, which celebrates blasphemy, sacrilege, and attacks God and the true Catholic Mass (frequently involving the desecrated of a stolen consecrated Host).

Right now, America has a choice to make: We can either remain with God, defend innocent children, and receive His countless blessings. Or we can open the door to hell and allow satan, the father of lies, to come in and destroy us.

We must fight to keep America one nation under God.