Catholic University Recognizes Pro-Abortion Club. Join the Protest.

  • June 26, 2018
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Your voice is urgently needed because:

Scandal #1: Going against its Catholic mission, Marquette University in Wisconsin currently recognizes a pro-abortion club on campus called Marquette Empowerment. Recognized clubs such as this one receive university funding.

Scandal #2: Marquette Empowerment pushes the abortion agenda. For example, this statement on Twitter: "Abortion is healthcare. It is normal and okay to have an abortion. You can talk about it publicly if you want to. We support you. We stand with you." (See link here)

Scandal #3: Marquette Empowerment hosted an event on campus titled "Learn about abortion access in Wisconsin" on April 16. The guest speaker was Lucy Marshall who works for Women's Medical Fund, which boasts of having paid 2,504 mothers to "follow through on their decision to have an abortion."

Scandal #4: Marquette Empowerment sponsored a pro-homosexual "Pride Prom 2018" on the Catholic campus. The event not only trampled on God's law and centuries of Catholic teaching, but also attacked natural law.

No Catholic campus should ever recognize or fund a pro-abortion club.

Join the good fight for moral values.
Sign and share this peaceful protest.
God bless you.

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