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TFP Crusade for the Unborn Reaches Baton Rouge

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana
July 23, 2018

Today we visited the Blessed Francis Seelos Shrine in New Orleans. From there, the TFP pro-life caravan left for Baton Rouge for our fourth day of campaign.

Right after we set up at a busy intersection a woman jumped out of her car and yelled, “Abortion is a human right!” She then reentered her car and drove away. Apparently she forgot that the right to life is actually a fundamental human right that is guaranteed by both natural law and God’s Law and that procured abortion violates that.

Another woman driving by shouted, “It’s a woman’s choice to kill her unborn child!” More and more, we’re finding that pro-abortionists who normally claim that what is in the womb is nothing more than a “blob of tissue” will readily admit that abortion kills unborn children.  Suddenly, the “blob of tissue” argument falls apart by their own internal contradiction.

To put the war on the unborn in perspective, more babies have been killed by abortion in the United States since 1973 than the current population of Spain. Those who advocate the modern-day killing of the innocent are not content with the mere legality of this sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance, but frequently add a greater sin: blasphemy. For example, one woman stopped at the light and yelled, “If you could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament!”

Lots of support

There was more negativity here, perhaps because we were not too far from Louisiana State University (LSU).  Despite this, the public was very supportive and the honks most certainly outnumbered the negative responses.

A lady driving by was extremely happy with the campaign and exclaimed, “Keep up the good work! Thank you! Keep it up!”

A mother and her two sons were driving by, saw the campaign and decided to join us. They spent over an hour with us and provided water for our team, which was much appreciated in the scorching heat.

Another lady brought us water and thanked us profusely for standing up for the unborn.

Now we’re off to Lafayette, Louisiana, for another set of campaigns. As we keep making our way farther west, keep us in your prayers, that our campaign will continue pricking consciences and encouraging more souls to stand up for God.

Thank you for all your prayers.

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