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Good News: Madonna University Cancels Planned Parenthood Speaker


Why would any Catholic university bring a Planned Parenthood speaker to campus?

Well, that's what students at Catholic Madonna University were wondering when the sign-language studies department at Madonna University, a Catholic institution, invited pro-abortion speaker Christine Gannon to teach a workshop on sexual issues.

Thank God, however, the event was canceled after good pro-life students on campus and TFP Student Action spoke up. The online brochure announcing the February 26 event was also removed.

Madonna University president, Sister Rose Marie Kujawa, confirmed the good news to students in an email:
"I wanted to inform you as soon as possible that there will be no speaker from Planned Parenthood at Madonna University (including the Orchard Lake or any other MU extension)," the email stated . "You can share this with our Campus Ministry students. I am sure this will bring relief to their parents as well. Thank you for your prayers."

Those who are inclined to thank Madonna University for canceling the pro-abortion speaker may contact:

Sr. Rose Marie Kujawa, C.S.S.F.,President
Madonna University
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (734) 432-5315
Fax: (734) 432-5333