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Total Sellout: Girl "Boy" Scouts of America

In 1908, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, an English baron and decorated war veteran, published his landmark book Scouting for Boys. In addition to being the 4th best-selling book of the twentieth century, it inspired the growth of the scouting movement, including the Boy Scouts of America, founded by William D. Boyce to “make men.”

How the Boy Scouts Lost Their Way

Sadly, the scouting movement in America has become a very different institution from what its founders envisioned. Within recent memory, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has besmirched its reputation as a reliable organization for the formation of young men by allowing open homosexuals and even so-called “transgenders” to join its ranks. In reaction, many parents pulled their sons out of the Boy Scouts altogether or moved to alternative programs such as Trail Life, Boy's Brigade, Troops of St. George, or Call to Chivalry Camps.

In August, the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) accused their partner organization (the Boy Scouts) of subtly recruiting women to their group. To the casual observer with a little common sense, the question would naturally arise, “Why would a girl want to join the boy scouts anyway? Isn’t that what the girl scouts are for?”

Apparently even the Girl Scouts are also aware of this absurdity, as Kathy Hannan, the GSA national president stated in a letter to the Boy Scouts:

“It has been well documented that BSA is facing declining membership and other significant challenges… it is a statement on the short sightedness of thinking that running a program specifically tailored to boys can simply be translated to girls… Rather than seeking to fundamentally transform BSA into a co-ed program, we believe strongly that Boy Scouts should instead take steps to ensure that they are expanding the scope of their programming to all boys…We are confused as to why, rather than working to appeal to the 90 percent of boys who are not involved in BSA programs, you would choose to target girls.”

Nevertheless, the Boy Scouts have introduced a plan to allow young women to join their ranks. In a news release published on October 11, it was announced that there will be girl Cub Scout units, and by 2019 the Eagle Scout program will be available to women as well. The decision was unanimously made by the board of directors of the BSA.

According to NBC, an impetus to accept women into their organization came from “two nationwide surveys that showed parents not involved in scouting had high interest in getting their daughters signed up for both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.”

An interesting element of this move is that the National Organization for Women – the same radically pro-abortion, leftist catch-all group that put on the notorious Women’s March in Washington, D.C. – used the case of a young woman named Sydney Ireland as leverage to pressure to the Boy Scouts to admit girls.

The argument used by NOW president Terry O’Neill illustrates the domino-effect of the cultural revolution in no uncertain terms, “Women can now hold all combat roles in the military, and women have broken many glass ceilings at the top levels of government, business, academia and entertainment. It’s long past due that girls have equal opportunities in Scouting” (the existence of parallel institutions for men and women did not meet her definition of equal opportunity).

This revelation, combined with the fact that the Boy Scouts have been hell-bent on pushing forward bizarre, morally-bankrupt policies in spite of hemorrhaging membership, shows that the Boy Scouts leadership are pushing for leftist social “change”.

The decision to welcome girls in the Boy Scouts does not only concern families who are involved with the scouting movement. It affects the very fabric of society. Regardless of what one may think about the Boy Scouts, they are an important facet, historically and culturally, of American life. Their most recent sellout to the cultural revolution is a symbolic landmark in the erosion of the institutions central to this nation.

There is a concerted effort to destabilize the United States at home and abroad. In spite of her numerous faults, America still represents a bastion of conservative values in the world. The so-called progressive movement will celebrate the total destruction of the "boy" within the Boy Scouts. Ultimately, the architects of the culture revolution will not rest until all natural differences between boys and girls are erased or destroyed.

Will the Boy Scouts now change their name to PC Scouts or Genderless Children?