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​Victory: Georgetown University Deletes Pro-Abortion Web Page After TFP Protest

After TFP Student Action launched a protest petition, Georgetown University disabled a web page that encouraged students to donate time and money to mega abortion provider Planned Parenthood and other organizations that defy God's law by promoting abortion and same-sex "marriage."

The university's Law Library web page dedicated to the "History of Civil Rights in the United States" included a pitch to support pro-abortion groups that deny the first and most basic human right -- the right to life.

In other words, Georgetown favored the abortion movement and its attempt to disfigure the truth by suggesting that the grave sin of abortion is a "civil right." When in reality, nothing can be more outrageous than to call the killing of a small, defenseless and innocent human being created by God for a unique purpose a "civil right," especially on a campus that purports to be Catholic.

"Since the page clearly violated Georgetown's Catholic identity, thousands of concerned students and parents signed TFP Student Action's petition, calling for the removal of the page," said John Ritchie, TFP Student Action Director. "Thank God the petition was successful because the pro-abortion page is no longer accessible."

"When this pro-abortion page was brought to my attention, I wasn't overly surprised," Ritchie explained. "Because, unfortunately, Georgetown is notorious for allowing scandalous events that undermine moral values. For instance, Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood's former president, spoke on campus and received a standing ovation. Pro-homosexual 'Coming Out' celebrations take place annually. And Georgetown even decided to open a pro-transgender housing complex for students 'exploring' gender and sexuality."

"Over time, the oldest Catholic university in America has become a place where God is no longer welcome," Ritchie lamented. "Georgetown has drifted so far away from its Catholic roots that it makes you wonder: Who is Georgetown serving? God or Planned Parenthood? Because real Catholics never support abortion or same-sex 'marriage.' So someone needed to sound the alarm."

And that's what TFP Student Action's petition did. It sounded the alarm and called others to voice their concern and pray for a return to virtue and moral values. Without the right to life and the sanctity of marriage, civilization is unsustainable.

TFP's online petition also urges Dr. John J. DeGioia to find a real Catholic law professor who respects God and the human right to life to replace Planned Parenthood executive Prof. Segal-Reichlin who is currently listed as a Law School faculty member.

The biggest challenge to get any petition off the ground is overcoming indifference. But in this case, more than 13,764 people stood up and said: "We will not be silent. We will defend the unborn and uphold Catholic morality." Those who truly love God are never indifferent, but ready to defend what is right and good.

Catholic universities should never be ashamed of their noble mission to teach the truth. Even in our hostile culture, Catholic colleges have the obligation to serve God and prepare the next generation of leaders.

"Abortion is not a right," continue Ritchie. "And killing the unborn is not a legitimate choice. So I really hope that more Catholic colleges will do everything possible to advance the cause of the unborn, the traditional family and Christian morals. We need to return to that moral code based on the Ten Commandments and natural law that made America great. Students must no longer be afraid to affirm this and stand up to a politically correct culture that claims there is no right and wrong."

Faithful Catholic students, alumni and parents are sending a clear message to Georgetown: Please stop supporting Planned Parenthood and start serving God.