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Pray for America Crusade Launched in 50 States

From coast to coast, TFP Student Action volunteers are on the road with a daring prayer crusade.

At this time of great unrest and confusion, Rosary rallies are being held at every State Capital in the nation for a special intention:

America’s urgent return to order.

This huge blanket-America-with prayer effort is urgent because, more than ever, we need to lift our eyes to God and His Blessed Mother and pray for calm, confidence and courage.

“You guys give me hope in society,” said one man who saw the campaign.

Just about everyone is suffering in some way from the lockdowns, job loss, fear and general turmoil. Human solutions only go so far.

We need a lasting remedy to restore the moral fabric of our nation. And what Our Lady of Fatima requested in 1917 is most relevant today: prayer, penance and conversion.

Prayer is very powerful.

And I firmly believe that the Holy Rosary is the key to restore the nation. It gives us the fortitude to follow God’s law and not get discouraged.

Young volunteers with TFP Student Action are now traveling across America to blanket every capital with prayer.

I invite you to join this spiritual crusade by watching the kick-off video of this vast spiritual undertaking.

If you want to help out, please consider filling our gas tank to keep our vans rolling from city to city. For example, a gift of $70.00 = 400 miles on the road.

I hope you like the 4 minute video update, which others are enjoying very much.

For example, Gus said: “The country needs hope right now and you are doing just that. Being the light and providing hope for all people.”

Luzaideth added: “Your spiritual army is meant for these times... Thanks, spiritual army of Our Blessed Mother. She will crush the head of the serpent!”

A progress map and daily updates on each prayer stop will be posted here.

Thank you for fighting the good fight.

And let’s continue to blanket America with prayer.