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Freezing but Forceful March for Life

Playing in the TFP band for the March for Life this year was no easy matter. Not when icicles formed on the horns and the bagpipes seized up on account of the cold. It was in the single digits. Our brass players strapped hand warmers on their instruments and frantically rubbed them to keep them from freezing. As a snare drummer I had to be careful when beating my drum because of the danger of breaking the tight drumhead in the cold. Fifers and pipers played without gloves and their fingers were red and numb.

Why did we do it? Because we want to inspire. Our many hard months of practice were compensated just by seeing the marchers thrilled at the sight of our band. Many even sang along with our rendition of “Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above” and “God Bless America.” Beating our drums and blaring our bagpipes is one of the best ways to motivate the marchers and inspire them to fight harder for the unborn.

There was a large turnout despite the frigid weather: hundreds of thousands. I was told that those who show up are only the proverbial tip of the iceberg and that there are many more pro-lifers where they came from. Groups from just about every state in the union passed our band in quick succession.

I was alerted that pro-abortion activists had planned a gathering at the US Supreme Court at 5:00 PM to commemorate Roe v Wade. Somewhat curious I went there with my video camera to see what would happen. I waited on the lonely sidewalk for the abortion advocates to arrive. Just as I began to think that the cold had scared them away, a group of about a dozen women showed up. They held signs and took pictures of themselves. But when I asked if I could interview them they flatly refused. I cannot say that I blame them; after all, the pro-abortion position is impossible to justify.

God bless all the pro-lifers that marched and may the Blessed Mother help us in the crusade to end abortion in our beloved land and create a culture of purity.