Dec 22, 2018 Print this article

Fighting to Keep Christ in Christmas

The secular world rejects Christmas because it rejects Christ and His holy law.  For example, at Robious Middle School in Virginia all Christmas carols that mention the name of Jesus Christ were banned in order to show more "sensitivity."

Christmas is also under attack in California, where, for the second year in a row, “Christmas in the Park” in Cesar Chavez Park, is allowing a satanic tree to be displayed at its “family-friendly” event.  This offensive tree features pentagrams, inverted crosses, demonic goats, as well as other overtly Satanic images.

Who's going to stand up for the true meaning of Christmas?  Who's ready to challenge the dark forces of secularism?

We are.  Indeed, TFP Student Action is ready and willing to stand up for Christ the King.

We wish you and your family a most blessed and merry Christmas!