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The Bitter Fruits of the Sexual Revolution by Prof. Stephane Mercier, PhD

This is 2018, and the Weinsteinization of the culture is well underway. Starting with attacks on Bill O'Reilly, then Roger Ailes, followed by Harvey Weinstein, and others, the ranks of the great and powerful have come under a coordinated attack by revolutionary forces led by feminists writ large, the flames of which have been and are being fanned by a ravenous media.

Lawsuits and criminal investigations continue, and devour seemingly all those who have been accused. Virtually none have really fought back, perhaps because they fear being overwhelmed by a politically correct attack that would be even more ferocious and devastating than the initial accusations. It has the eerie feel of a modern day French Revolution.

In the midst of this, a courageous Catholic professor of philosophy at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, is first suspended, and then sacked because he had the temerity to oppose abortion in his classroom, merely inviting his students to think about what an abortion really does, which is intentionally kill an unborn child while yet in its mother's womb.

Professor Stéphane Mercier gave a talk a the TFPs Washington, D.C. Bureau after the March for Life on January 19. He spoke about the bitter fruits of the sexual revolution and explained what is at the root of the abortion culture, and showed how it aims to destroy Christian Civilization. He gave his audience the inside scoop regarding his firing at the Catholic University of Louvain, and how the bishops of Belgium did nothing to stop it, and when asked about it dodged the question and allowed a grave injustice to go forward, with their tacit approval.

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