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Two Cups, Two Cultures

Which of the two reflects a more inspiring and elevated culture?

The Sword: Symbol of Nobility

Why does the sword retain such power as a symbol despite its obsolescence as a weapon? It does so because the sword preserves its heroic legacy as a badge of chivalry and guardian of human dignity.

East and West: Wise Interpenetration of Values

When two great civilizations meet, the most fruitful outcome from the peaceful relationship that should be established is a wise and balanced interchange of values.

Three Faces of the Revolution

The faces of Martin Luther, Maximilien Robespierre, and Ernesto "Che" Guevarra express will the pride and sensuality of the Revolution and its hatred for inequality.

The Library: Just a Place for Books or also a Symbol of the Dignity of the Mind?

A library should not be merely a practical, ugly place to store books. Rather, it must express the beauty, nobility, and superiority of man's intellectual capacities.

"Non in Commotione Dominus" - God is Not Found in Agitation (3 Kings 19:11)

God is not found in agitation. True happiness comes from recollection, calm, reflection, and prayer, not agitation, noise, and sensationalism.

Spiritual Richness in the Common Life of the People

Before modern technology, speed, and mechanization created the "masses", even the common illiterate people exuded a rich personality that bursted with life.

The Very Rich Moral Significance of Simple Household Objects

Even simple household objects can express great meaning, creating an ambiance that rests the soul as well as the body.

The Grandeur of the King Dignifies the Cook

The beauty, splendor, and nobility of Windsor Castle and the monarchy elevates, not crushes, the humble activity of the cook.

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