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Just War and the Pacifist Offensive on Sovereignty

While the United States is engaged in a war in Iraq, a far more important war is taking place: the psy-war for public opinion.

Semper Fidelis: Inspiring New Book on Catholic War Hero, Col. John W. Ripley

"If a young officer or Marine ever asks what is the meaning of Semper Fidelis," Col. Ripley once told a friend, "tell them my story." Purchase your copy now This first cradle-to-grave biography of Col. John W. Ripley by Norman Fulkerson provides readers with the complete story about a great man who is considered

A Hero Hollywood Will Never Mention

America is blessed with heroes, but you rarely hear much about them. On March 5, TFP Student Action visited one of America’s greatest soldiers: Col. John W. Ripley (USMC Ret.) in Annapolis, Maryland

A Story of Exceptional Valor and Faith

An old adage states that you only meet two great people in a lifetime. After visiting Col. John W. Ripley (USMC Ret.), I can say I met my first one.