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Texans Fight Back: Hundreds Protest Satanic Abortion Idol at the University of Houston


On February 28, 2024, hundreds of pro-life Texans gathered to oppose the satanic-looking abortion idol “Witness” at the University of Houston (UH) and call for its prompt removal.

Another Golden Calf?

“Witness” is an 18-foot tall golden statue of a nude woman with devilish ram horns, tentacles for arms and feet, and a serpent-like skirt that wraps around the idol’s lower body. Many have not hesitated to call it satanic. The sculptor chose the name Havah for the statue, meaning Eve in Arabic, because Eve was the “first law-breaker.”

The statue honors the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and celebrates the sin of procured abortion. Its creator, Shahzia Sikander, lamented, “With [Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s] death and the reversal of Roe, there was a setback to women’s progress.”

The overtly Satanic imagery found in the statue is something the creator takes pride in. According to a booklet published by the commissioners of the sculpture, Sikander revealed that “Satan and Eve are intertwined the way a snake wraps around a tree limb; woman is the vehicle for iniquity, the temptress, the instrument of evil… [Sikander’s] Eve, her Havah, sports her horns like a crown, as a point of pride.”

The statue was originally in New York City but was moved to Texas, sparking widespread outrage in the state.


Texans Protest

TFP Student Action, together with a coalition of local pro-life groups, organized a peaceful protest. Texas Right to Life stated: “A symbol honoring child sacrifice should have no place in Texas. This idol highlights the anti-Christian ideology targeting every college campus.”

Public backlash caused a massive controversy, prompting the University of Houston to its unveiling ceremony and the sculptor’s formal address. The public, however, continued to call for the idol’s removal and demanded an apology from the tax-funded university.

TFP Student Action helped organize a peaceful protest on campus attended by 200 faithful. Putting boots on the ground, young Catholics prayed the rosary and held a procession on campus with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Speakers and representatives of Houston Coalition for Life, Texas Right to Life, Coogs for Life, Students for Life, and Young Conservative Federation condemned the satanic idol on campus. One young woman, regretting her tragic abortion, explained how the culture of death had fooled her into believing it was okay.

The pro-life crowd was large, energetic, and prayerful. The pro-abortion crowd, however, was small, vulgar, and hateful.

Why Do They Hate God, Our Lady and Babies?

One pro-abortion activist approached a TFP volunteer, saying: “Can I make a suggestion? How about you go jump in the swamp and get eaten by the alligators.” Some anti-family individuals made obscene gestures at the statue of Our Lady, while another cursed the Catholics for praying.

TFP member: “What do you want?”
Pro-abort: “I want the destruction of Christianity.”

Pro-Lifers Persevere

Pro-life Texans don’t get discouraged easily. As they fought the good fight, their joy was palpable. They continued praying and debating for moral values, uplifted by the TFP bagpipers who played Marian hymns.

“It’s great seeing so many young people stand up for the right to life,” said Nathaniel, a local college student.

A young Catholic, Diego, exclaimed, “There’re so many people at this [protest]! It’s awesome!”

“The cancellations of the commencement of this statue made by the [University of Houston] show that the Left is scared of public backlash,” said TFP volunteer Ben Broussard. “It shows protests work. Texas belongs to Christ the King and His Blessed Mother, not Satan.”

TFP volunteer Cesar Franco added, “It seems that neither the sculptor nor the University of Houston got the memo that Texans don’t mess around. But if they didn’t get it before, they got it now: Don’t mess with Texas!”


Remove the Idol

We must continue to pray and demand the University of Houston to take down the satanic statue, “Witness,” that celebrates the sin of abortion. It has no place in the great Lone Star State or anywhere in the nation. Everyone is invited to sign TFP Student Action protest here.

TFP Student Action urges the University of Houston to promptly remove the abortion statue and apologize for installing it on campus.