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12 Shocking Quotes: How Same-Sex "Marriage" Spells the Death of Natural Marriage

The runaway train of the sexual revolution will not stop at same-sex "marriage." Just as civil unions were a mere stepping stone to reach same-sex "marriage," the movement to redefine marriage will continue on its reckless course until it shatters the concept of true marriage and family. But don't take my word for it. See what pro-homosexual writers, professors and activists say for themselves. It's a real eye-opener.

As the Supreme Court ponders the future of marriage, every defender of God-ordered marriage can use the following quotes to unmask the final goal of the so-called "marriage equality" movement.

Death of marriage = "progress"

"Opting out of marriage altogether will provide a quicker path to progress, as only the death of marriage can bring about the dawn of equality for all."
-- Dr. Meagan Tyler
Lecturer in Sociology at Victoria University.

Who needs marriage anymore

"The real question that should be debated is not whether gay marriage should be allowed, but rather, is marriage really something we need anymore?"
-- David Vakalis

Redefine the institution

"A middle ground might be to fight for same-sex marriage and its benefits and then, once granted, redefine the institution of marriage completely, to demand the right to marry not as a way of adhering to society’s moral codes but rather to debunk a myth and radically alter an archaic institution. [Legalizing "same-sex marriage"] is also a chance to wholly transform the definition of family in American culture.”
-- Michelangelo Signorile
OUT magazine, December/January 1994

We are advocating destruction

"And after all, we are advocating the destruction of the centrality of marriage and the nuclear family unit..."
-- Ryan Conrad

Next step: Abolish

"But perhaps the next step isn’t to, once again, expand the otherwise narrow definition of marriage but to altogether abolish the false distinction between married families and other equally valid but unrecognized partnerships."
-- Sally Kohn
Prop 8: Let’s Get Rid of Marriage Instead!

The death of marriage

"Wouldn't marriage's death as a state institution, including for straight people, be the best solution? ...Scrap the civil register; make no distinction in the state's eyes between married and unmarried citizens."
-- Alex Gabriel

Stoke the flames

"Marriage is the proverbial burning building. Instead of pounding on the door to be let in... queers should be stoking the flames!"
-- National Conference on Organized Resistance

Marriage erodes "freedom"

"Marriage should not be a goal; it should be a choice. One choice available out of many recognized as valid by society. But it isn’t. Not yet. Right now, as far as society is concerned, you are married or you are not yet married. And as that notion becomes further codified our freedom to make other choices steadily erodes."
-- David McGee

A moral revolution

"The gay movement, whether we acknowledge it or not, is not a civil rights movement, not even a sexual liberation movement, but a moral revolution aimed at changing people's view of homosexuality."
-- Paul Varnell
Chicago Free Press

Abolish the family

"We must aim at the abolition of the family, so that the sexist, male supremacist system can no longer be nurtured there."
-- Gay Liberation Front: Manifesto
London, 1971, revised 1978

Transform society

“Being queer means pushing the parameters of sex and family, and in the process, transforming the very fabric of society. ... We must keep our eyes on the goal ... of radically reordering society’s views of reality." [source]
-- Paula Ettelbruck
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Marriage should not exist

"... fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there—because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don’t think it should exist."
-- Masha Gessen, journalist during a panel discussion at the Sydney Writers Festival

These quotes combined with our popular post 10 Reasons Why Same-Sex "Marriage" is Harmful and Must be Opposed will give you ample information to more boldly defend the sacred institution of marriage. For the future of the family, please post and tweet this article far and wide.