Forgotten Truths

True and False Liberty of Thought and Speech

The liberty of thinking and publishing whatsoever each one likes without hindrance is not in itself an advantage over which society can wisely rejoice. On the contrary, it is the fountainhead and origin of many evils.

The Health of the Body May Depend Upon the Health of the Soul

In his life of Saint Catherine of Siena, her confessor, Saint Raymond of Capua, narrates that after her arrival in Pisa she became the guest of a certain Gherardo de' Buonconti. One day her host brought to her attention a young man of about twenty years of age, for whose good health he implored her prayers.

The Great Diamond

Remember: every sect in the world feeds off the Catholic Church. Our Holy Catholic Church is like a great and extremely precious, unpolished diamond from which, every so often, somebody takes a particle and polishes it, not without the help of the Evil One, so that it begins to shine better than the great unpolished diamond.

The Best of Prayers

In Mary, God has given us the most zealous guardian of Christian unity. There are, of course, more ways than one to win her protection by prayer, but as for us, We think the best and most effective way to her favor lies in the Rosary.

Quis ut Deus – Who is Like Unto God

The struggle that was once fought out in Heaven has flared up again on earth. Men no longer fight alone and in secret, but openly and with combined forces.

No One Can Serve Two Masters

Though the children of this world be wiser than the children of light, their snares and their violence would undoubtedly have less success if a great number of those who call themselves Catholics did not extend a friendly hand to them.

“Subtle Snare of the Evil One”

There are those who imagine they are slighting the Son by honoring the Mother. They fear that by exalting Mary they are belittling Jesus. They cannot bear to see people giving to Our Lady the praises due to her and which the Fathers of the Church have lavished upon her.

Inequality is a Condition For Social Harmony

Just as a perfect condition of the body results from the conjunction and composition of its various members, which, though differing in form and purpose, make, by their union and the distribution of each one to its proper place, a combination beautiful to behold, firm in strength and necessary for use; so, in the commonwealth, there is an almost infinite dissimilarity of men, as parts of a whole.

How Advantageous is the Indissolubility of Marriage

Indeed, how many and how important are the benefits which flow from the indissolubility of matrimony cannot escape anyone who gives even a brief consideration either to the good of the married parties and the offspring or to the welfare of human society.

God is Merciful, But He is Also Just

"Be careful," says St. John Climacus, "when that hellish dog, the devil, and not God, promises you divine mercy to indulge you to commit sin!"