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Videos Reveal Diabolical Dimension of Abortion Industry

The Center for Medical Progress has released a series of videos that illustrate the immorality of Planned Parenthood and its former associate,  Stemexpress.

“[She] told me I have to cut down the middle of the face”

“She gave me the scissors and told me I have to cut down the middle of the face... and I remember picking it up and finishing [cutting] through the rest of the face and Jessica picking up the brain and putting it in the container... and I'm just sitting there thinking, 'what did I just do?'” said Holly O'Donnell, a former 'procurement technician,' describing an almost satanic initiation into the ghastly business of dismembering children to sell their body parts.

O'Donnell offers some more insights throughout the series: 

“I can't describe what it feels like... Some of us don't ever get over it.”“The environment is morbid, you can hear screaming, you can hear crying.”

“There's a reason why they keep journals in the recovery room. If abortion was a good thing there wouldn't be so much emotional damage.”

Indeed, the sin of abortion is understood clearly by those who are pro-life, but what may be lost in this case is the depth of the abortion industry's depravity. [Sign this petition to Pope Francis in defense of marriage & family]

In one scene of the video, O'Donnell describes how she witnessed instances where the child would survive being removed from the mother's womb and would be tortured before dying.

“I knew why it was happening,” she said, describing how one of her co-workers had stimulated the beating heart of the infant, “it's because the electrical was... the nodes were still firing and I don't know if that constitutes it's technically dead or it's still alive.

”It becomes clear after listening to O'Donnell – who has since left the morbid business of killing and mutilating children – and other Planned Parenthood employees throughout the video that they recognize the grave nature of what they're doing, but still adapt their vocabulary to dehumanize their victims and subsequently exonerate themselves of the moral consequences of their actions.

While the biggest focus of the pro-lifers following this video is to take legal action against Planned Parenthood for the sale and profit of these children's organs (in many cases without the mother's knowledge,) it is essential to see its spiritual significance.

Practices that would make Herod blush

Surely, Satan is delighted to disfigure the order that God has established.  In a hellish way the Cultural Revolution and the abortion industry cut the natural bonds that God created between mother and child.

Entrusted by God to safeguard their offspring, women are deceived into aiding in the murder of their children. Often times they are told the lie that their child is nothing more than a “clump of cells,” are a “mistake,” or an “unnecessary burden,” or that they must abort in order to be "free." They're told that it is “their body, their choice,” which causes them to divorce their minds from reality. Their choice affects not their body, but their unborn child.

In the aftermath of their decision, the lies they are told are exposed and their child is dead. What's more, these videos have revealed that StemExpress would even harvest the organs of deceased babies without their mother's knowledge. The depth of the betrayal is only matched by the gravity of the sin.

“I didn't know a lot about Dr. Berman just other than he worked for Planned Parenthood," continued O'Donnell. "... he had a reputation for going viciously fast like, if we didn't watch him, we would lose our specimens [aborted babies]. It was that fast. If there wasn't a girl in the room, he would get mad. He would pace the hallways if there wasn't something to do. Like, it's almost like he wanted to do it and that made me really concerned and how fast he was going with these women and I felt bad. There was a few to where he was working and I'd have a girl who did not want to get it, but she, you know, she felt she had to. I wanted to tell her, 'Do not go to this clinic.' "

The medical sciences, intended to help man, have been hijacked by abortionists for the wholesale slaughter of the innocent in a manner that would make Herod blush. 

“I want a Lamborghini,” said Dr. Mary Gatter, after haggling the prices of dead children's body parts in a previous video.

It has become clear through the release of these videos that many of the abortion providers do not act according to the Hippocratic oath, but now seek nothing more than profit at the expense of unborn children.  

Abortion and Satanism

Worse still, is the diabolic dimension behind the baby killing.

“Abortion is a Satanic sacrament,” says former Satanist priest Zachary King. “Just as Catholic men will join the priesthood because they are attracted to holiness and working for God, an abortion facility attracts Satanists.”

 Upon examining the satanic counter-protesters at the nationwide rallies against Planned Parenthood Last Saturday, there can be no denying this. Specifically in Detroit, some were dressed as Catholic priests, performing diabolical baptisms with milk and chanting, “Hail Satan” they have made public what Catholic pro-lifers have suspected for years. This should come as no shock, however, after abortion supporters shouted “hail Satan” in the Texas State Capitol preceding the state's decision to enact pro-life laws. 

It must be clear to all opponents of the culture of death that the fight to defend life is not just a matter of politics or civil rights. It is a spiritual struggle to combat the greatest moral travesty of this age.

God calls His flock consistently throughout the Gospel, through His Holy Mother and through His Church to defend innocent life. Regardless of the legality of Planned Parenthood's operations, their actions will always remain gravely immoral and must be vigorously opposed.