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Exposing the Lies of Gender Theory at Penn State University

On November 7 a team of TFP Student Action members went to Penn State's University Park campus to promote moral values and to pass out educational fliers titled 10 Reasons Why Transgenderism is the Family’s Worst Enemy.

Hundreds of students took the flier with interest. After all, they don't usually hear the facts about the transgender movement from their liberal professors. Perhaps that's why the TFP handout was easy to distribute. However, one group of TFP volunteers passing out fliers soon faced a rainbow flag waving counter-demonstration. Students that formed this protest held signs that read: “Free Gay Hugs” and “We stand with all our Transiblings.”

TFP volunteer Zechariah Long was debating with eight students, but he held his ground, defending the truth with ease. Evan Olwell, another TFP volunteer, arrived to help out. The argument rambled in many directions along these lines:

Student: "If a person has both organs of each gender then that means they can be whatever gender you want."
Evan Olwell: "No, that is a form of DSD (Disorder of Sexual Development). Just because a person has a birth defect doesn't change their biological sex. For example: if there was a man who had eleven fingers and twelve toes, that is just a defect, not a new species."
Student: "No, that is not a defect, it's evolution."
TFP volunteer: "No, that is not evolution because (macro) evolution does not exist."
Student: "Wait... You don’t believe in evolution?"
TFP volunteer: "No, I don’t. It's only a theory."
Student: "There are many examples of evolution... and one is that dogs came from wolves."
TFP volunteer: "That is only a change of kind, not of species. Does a fish ever become a bird?"
Student: "umm..."

Another student, upon receiving the flier, and without reading it, started yelling: “lies and hatred, lies and hatred.” He did not want to discuss the subject -- only scream.

"Why do you oppose trans people?" asked another. TFP response: "Because it hurts those who engage in it -- suicide rates are much higher than the average person. And the suicide rate does not diminish where the transgender lifestyle is widely accepted and promoted, like the Netherlands.” Silence. Student walks away.

Though there was opposition, roughly half of the people who encountered the TFP were favorable to the flier. For example, one student walked across the street towards the pro-transgender counter demonstration, saying, "I don't like your signs. I’m with those [TFP] guys over there.”

Another positive response came from a young woman who thanked the TFP volunteers because "it is really important that you are out there defending the family."

To end the campaign, TFP volunteers formed into a line and prayed three Hail Marys and then gave their battle cry: “Tradition, Family, Property -- America” three times. As the last “America” echoed out, the liberal students across the street yelled “We are Penn State... We are not straight.”

May God protect the United States from the transgender movement.