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Should ‘Coming Out Day’ at Jesuit College be Canceled?

Yes. Absolutely. Every Catholic college worth its salt should put the rights of God above the shifting dictates of political correctness.

However, at Jesuit Spring Hill College, a pro-homosexual “Coming Out Day” was sponsored on November 10. The flyer promoting the event states that “students will get a chance to ask questions and then ‘Come Out’ through our coming out door.”

Spring Hill alumni and local Catholics are hoping and praying the event sponsored by Pride does not repeat itself in the future. The sad event was pointed out to TFP Student Action in a letter whose author requested anonymity.

Excerpt from the letter

“Because of the success you have had in defending moral values on Catholic campuses, I am sending you a copy of a flyer [for Coming Out Day] I found on a bulletin board at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. This is a small Jesuit college that started 180 years ago. It is so sad to see after generations of hardship and sacrifice, that Spring Hill faculty legitimize this activity.

“You can see the flyer has the ‘approved’ stamp. I also include a copy of the campus calendar for that day, noting the event. I am employed here and really hope to remain so. If you can do something about this situation, feel free to contact me.”

(Name withheld)

Those would feel inclined to contact the president of the college or the archdiocese may do so. Please remember to be polite and respectful when contacting members of the Catholic hierarchy and clergy:

Spring Hill College
Fr. Richard P. Salmi, S.J.
4000 Dauphin St.
Mobile, AL 36608
Phone: 251-380-3866
E-mail: [email protected]
Name of pro-homosexual club on campus: Prid
Other problems: Theology Library: Gays and Lesbians

Archdiocese of Mobile
Most Reverend Thomas J. Rodi
400 Government St.
Mobile, AL 36602
Phone: (251) 434-1587
Fax: (251) 434-1588