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23,000 Messages to Notre Dame: Don’t Allow a ‘Gay-Straight Alliance’

Again the University of Notre Dame is under pressure to officially recognize a ‘Gay-Straight Alliance’ (GSA) club on campus. Pro-homosexual activists are using the incremental, step-by-step approach to wear down Catholic resistance and boil the proverbial frog slowly.

According to The Observer, the Office of Student Affairs is “currently reviewing a proposal to create an official gay-straight alliance (GSA) at Notre Dame.” Although similar applications have been denied in the past, the student-run newspaper prints an ambiguous response from university president Fr. John Jenkins on the issue. In a recent interview, he says: “I think it’s time for a fresh look.”

The liberal media was quick to broadcast how pro-homosexual faculty and staff members at Notre Dame claim to have collected over 300 signatures in support of the campus’ “LGBTQ Community.”

In the meantime, thousands of Notre Dame alumni, university students and Catholic youth have signed a TFP Student Action petition, urging the university “Not to approve, recognize or finance student clubs or activities that endorse or promote homosexual sin.”

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So far, there are 23,444 names on the petition supporting Catholic moral teaching, outnumbering the pro-homosexual letter by 78 to 1, a fact the liberal media chooses to ignore.

“This is really all about symbols and, for us, the reputation of Notre Dame as an authentically Catholic university,” said William Dempsey, president of Project Sycamore, a group of faithful Notre Dame alumni who work to restore the institution’s Catholic identity.“

Notre Dame has been tireless in its efforts to honor the Church's teaching on the obligation to treat homosexual members of the Notre Dame community with unalloyed charity, understanding, and justice,” he explained. “So much so that the Church's companion teaching on the immorality of homosexual sex has taken on the character of barely audible background noise.”

“It's only the university's policy against a student GSA," Mr. Dempsey continued, "that has shown students that the University takes seriously the Church's teaching about the immorality of homosexual sex and, inferentially, the Church's opposition to homosexual marriage. To take down that sign would be to reverse the message to the students and to deal another blow to the school's public image as a Catholic institution.”

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