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Meet the Moral Relativist Who Thought He Was a Cow

How do we know that relativism ruins your mind and soul?  Well, meet the student at Johns Hopkins University who thought he could be a cow during a debate on campus.

Moral relativism is the view that truth and error, right and wrong, depend on your personal opinion or preference.  Moral relativism denies the existence of objective truth by claiming that each person decides what his or her morality will be.

Take abortion, for example.  Radical feminists insist that pre-born children are blobs of tissue.  That’s how relativism works:  If a pro-abortion woman says a pre-born baby is not a human being but a little “nut,” then her “truth” trumps scientific fact.

Relativism hides behind a façade of catch-phrases and lies.  But when we examine them, the façade of lies comes crashing down.

Watch the video above to learn how to dismantle the most common catch-phrases used to promote relativism.

Full transcript can be found here: How Moral Relativism Ruins Your Mind and Soul (Must See Video)