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TFP Campaigns Against Transgender Bathroom Tyranny in North Carolina

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Campaign report from April 9, 2016

It seems we’ve come to the point where even the notion of man and woman is enough to incite ravenous fury amongst proponents of the pro-homosexual transgender movement.

The wrath of major leftist corporations is hailing down on North Carolina due to a bill that was passed, overturning an ordinance in Charlotte which would legally allow men into the same restrooms as women and children – so long as they claimed to be transsexual.

In response to this assault on common sense, North Carolina Gov. ­­­Pat McCrory passed a bill which states that a man or a woman must go into the bathroom of the sex that is registered on their birth certificate.

On April 9, 2016, a team of eleven TFP Student Action volunteers took to the streets of Charlotte to support and encourage North Carolinians to stay firm and not cave in to the tyranny of the transgender movement.

Going to Charlotte's busiest traffic intersections, we displayed a 14-foot banner that ran: “God created them male and female (Gen 5:2). Stop the ravages of transgender ideology.” We also held honks signs saying on one side, “Honk Against Transgender Bathroom Tyranny” and on the other, “Thank You Governor for Protecting our Children.”

Upon starting the first campaign of the day, amid the honks, a couple came out to greet and thanked us for standing up for the truth. “We need more of this!” they said. In light of the recent uproar by PayPal against the pro-family bill they added, “We deleted our PayPal account too.” Before leaving, they asked us to pray for the governor and lieutenant governor, adding, “They’re receiving death threats everyday.” Just another example of how the left duplicitously cries for tolerance, but really craves for tyranny.

The campaign continued -- honks blaring, wind gusts blowing at 30 miles and hour -- when all of a sudden, a woman rolled down her window and began yelling incoherent profanities. While attempting to multi-task; drive, roll down the window, talk on the phone, yell, and steer her car, her front tires popped the curb in front of the TFP members. She finally gained control of her vehicle, and sped off.

Witnessing Widespread Support

Over all, honks of support for God's Law compared to displays of hostility were 10-1.

As we left the campaign spot for lunch, a small group of counter protesters came out with their own makeshift signs, but were too late. They didn’t even make it to the sidewalk before they turned around to get back in their car. So beside themselves with anger, they almost crashed into an oncoming car while they tried to exit the parking lot as they saw us walking toward our van.

After lunch, we commenced another "honk" campaign.

Contrary to liberal media reports, all the police officers we spoke to were friendly and supportive. They always made sure to mention, “You’re free to stay out here as long as you like.”

In typical "tolerant", liberal fashion, those against the common sense law passed by the governor shouted profanities, insults, made lewd gestures, and one even said, “I hope you all get cancer and die.”

Some would come up the TFP members to argue, while others just clenched their fists in rage. Curiously, a few who disagreed with us conceded that we represented the more reasonable side of the issue.

One alarmed mother came out to greet the members and ask questions. She asked, “What does the opposite side even want? I don’t understand. It’s common sense! I have a young daughter and I’m concerned for her safety.” She, like the majority of North Carolinians, understood that it made no sense to give grown men the right to use the same bathroom and shower facilities as young girls.

We moved to another part of town in the evening for our last bolster of support for the day. The minute we set up, a security guard came out and said, “This is private property. I am going to have to ask you to leave.” Unsure if he was bluffing, we asked him to verify that this was private property. He called the police. They showed up, we talked, sorted everything out, and began to wrap up the campaign. Afterwards, the security guard confessed, “Look, I love what you’re doing out here, but since there are businesses here, they don’t want to be seen as supporting the campaign if any media comes out."

Before leaving, the three police officers greeted us warmly and said, “When we showed up, we were relieved to see whose side you were on. Thank you so much for being polite and doing what you do. Please continue.”

The genuine pulse of North Carolinians is one of outstanding support for the governor’s bill ensuring the safety of women and children against the transgender agenda which is largely fomented by liberal media and leftist corporations.

Even the Homeless in North Carolina are Tired of Political Correctness

Report from April 11, 2016Our final campaign brought us to Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina. Just like in Charlotte, the vast majority of the responses from the public were positive.

Almost all major news outlets have been spewing the line that big business is unanimously threatening to pull out of North Carolina if the state doesn’t conform to the dictatorship of the sexual revolution. Famous musicians and sports leagues have also stated that they will cancel their events in North Carolina. So much for "diversity" of opinion, right?

Even leftist politicians are using their power in state and local government to coerce North Carolina into putting political correctness above the security of its citizens. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, for example, is placing an embargo on travel to North Carolina, while advocating trips to Communist Cuba.

In reality, the main instigators of this national attack against the Tar Heel State are well-oiled and amply funded pro-homosexual activist organizations, which openly pressure corporations and organizations to toe the pro-homosexual party line.

However, as TFP campaigns demonstrate, the sexual revolution and its agents ignore reality, the reality that most Americans -- especially those who honor God -- firmly oppose the new dictatorship of transgenderism.

Law Enforcement Strongly Stand with Common Sense

Once again, after setting up our standard, banner, and honk signs, security and police came out to inspect. Upon arriving, one police officer said, “Sir, this is private property,” then with an added smile, “But if you move across the street, then we can’t do anything but honk when we pass. Thank you for being out here and keep doing what you do. We support you.”

Every police officer we’ve met while in North Carolina has been supportive of the governor and the passing of the new bill (House Bill 2 or HB2) which requires that men use the men's bathroom, and women use the women’s bathroom. Common sense stuff.

As we continued on the other side of the intersection as suggested by the police, the amount of honks and support continued to grow. There were even a few homeless people who strolled by, gave a thumbs up and said, “That’s right! You’re doing a good thing! This whole transgender thing is messed up.”

Voices of the Opposition

From a parking lot behind us, a man pulled up in a black car, rolled down his window, and shouted, “Hey, I got a question. Is the whole transgender thing really destroying the family? Is it as bad as divorce and fornication?”

“Of course it's destroying the family!” responded a TFP Student Action member.

The driver retorted with the false argument that since we weren’t addressing all the other issues at the time, we shouldn’t be out there. Clearly, if this man actually supported moral values, he wouldn’t have been using the same prominent lies that are spread by the homosexual movement.

As this man drove away, another younger man, a college student in his early twenties walked up to the banner.

After asking why we were out there, he began arguing against House Bill 2. TFP volunteers posed the question, “Can you wake up tomorrow and say, ‘today I’m Susie?'” even though you are clearly still a man and not a woman.

He responded, “If I was gender fluid, yes. Gender fluid is which gender you identify as, which changes day to day. It’s a legitimate thing.”

When asked if that answer was based in reality, the man affirmed, “Yes, who does it hurt?”

He assisted that “words are arbitrary” and exemplified how the sexual revolution has gone so far as to twist essential truth and even call into question existence itself.

Our Lord warned against building houses upon sand. With this in mind, we must avoid the errors of moral relativism, and build upon the firm foundation of perennial truths and timeless reason.

Closure of the Campaign

As the sun set in North Carolina, the TFP Student Action street campaign of support for God's Law and common sense temporarily came to a close.

Over the past two days, we saw how the majority of the state’s citizens do not want the transgender ideology rammed down their throat. Mothers and fathers are concerned for the safety and innocence of their children.

Contrary to claims of the liberal media, the law enforcement of North Carolina strongly supports Gov. Pat McCrory’s bill to protect women and children. May God bless and help North Carolina and other states to stand firm in defense of God’s law and resist the tyranny of the transgender movement.