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Excellent Support for True Marriage in Indianapolis

Saint Joseph Caravan

Indianapolis, April 26, 2014:

A beautiful day awaited us with clear skies and strong winds. The day began with a campaign in the morning beside a busy highway with lots of traffic. Shortly after setting up, the team of TFP members with bagpipes, red standards and honk signs had drivers reacting from all sides. A woman rolled up in her car and honked loudly; her daughter in the passenger seat gave a certain hand gesture, and her mother immediately rebuked her for it. Several times continuous honks could be heard from all directions. A bearded man approached trying to argue that marriage is simply about two people who "love each other," but left when we pointed out that his arguments didn't hold water. Another man rolled up in a big truck and said, “I was going to say a few unkind words to you, but then I saw one man and one woman. So, so, great job!”

With the afternoon coming on, we set up at the convergence of an interstate, a busy mall and a river crossing, which made for providing a great setup. The reaction started rather slowly, but soon picked up when the bagpipes and fifes began playing. Upon hearing all the honks, an older gentleman rolled down his window and said, “Well, I guess I'm not the only one who believes like this!” Shortly after that, an enthusiastic woman shouted as she drove by, “Thank you for doing God's work!” With the close of the afternoon, we prayed in thanksgiving for a wonderful campaign, thanking Our Lady for so many who support God's marriage.

With the caravan for traditional marriage winding down, we again place our trust in Saint Joseph, whom we confidently invoke, asking for a victory for God's marriage in America.