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Report on the Saturday, July 25th, Public Square Rosary in Lafayette


TFP-Louisiana and America Needs Fatima held its usual end-of-the-month Public Square Rosary in Lafayette. Gathering peacefully each month for nearly six years to pray for the families of Acadiana, for Louisiana and the Nation, this month’s public Rosary was especially poignant because of the horrific shootings at the Grand Cinema last Thursday. Remembering especially the victims and their families in the Rosary, our signs invited the public to do the same.

From the many expressions of friendly acknowledgement - sympathetic honks, "thumbs up", waving, signs of the cross - of those driving by, it was clear the message was understood. There is already a long established friendly familiarity between the Saturday drivers and the Public Square Rosary of each month. It has become a regular feature of the life of the city of Lafayette.

We definitely need to pray the Rosary and to sanctify our lives, because as the sense of right and wrong erodes, our Nation is witnessing a frightening spiral of random killings and cruelties just about anywhere.

God chose Mary Most Holy to overcome the Devil, inspirer of all wickedness and evil (Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17). So we must appeal to Her to send God's holy angels.