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Hellish Pro-Abortion Attack on Catholic Cathedral


“The only church that illuminates is the one that burns,” they said. Five hundred pro-abortion women spray painted the walls of the Cathedral, ridiculed the Catholic Church, and attacked a group of Catholics with paint, spittle, insults and blows.

The incident took place on Sunday night, October 7 during the 27th National Women’s Conference in Posadas, Argentina when a group of about 500 activists from various feminist groups vented their rage against the Church for its position on abortion and same-sex “marriage.” Although the aggression led to the cancelation of Sunday Masses, hundreds of faithful Catholics, mostly young men, stood at the entrance of the Cathedral, forming a protective prayer chain to prevent its desecration.

“Freedom of speech,” “dialogue” and “tolerance” were entirely absent in the scenes that unfolded in front of the Cathedral. Far from it, abortion activists, radical feminists and open homosexual – some, completely undressed – united to chant phrases such as “Church – garbage – you're the dictatorship!” The walls of the Cathedral were vandalized with offensive slurs such as “The only church that illuminates is the one that burns.”The young faithful who prayed the Hail Mary in front of the Cathedral were spray painted on their clothes and faces. Pro-abortion women painted Hitler mustaches on the men, spit in their faces, and taunted them with an onslaught obscene insults and immoral gestures.

Young Catholics who defended the Cathedral of Posadas against a mob of pro-abortion feminists endured persecution.

Police protection was scarce in the area and no barricades were erected to protect the Cathedral or the Catholics from being assaulted by the pro-abortion mob.

At the National Women’s Conference, many attacks were directed against the Bishop of Oberá, the Most Rev. Santiago Bitar, who reportedly qualified pro-abortion supporters as “genocidal.”

Prior to the abortion gathering, members of a pro-family network, Familias de Misiones, distributed a letter warning people about the anti-Catholic attacks perpetrated by pro-abortion activists during other National Women’s Conference events. The alert was substantiated by a large amount of footage from previous encounters.

However, the pastor of the Cathedral, Fr. Alberto Barros, said in a television interview that the pro-family alert “does not help.” In a telephone interview conducted by TVA, the priest criticized Catholic groups who “live in a fundamentalist and intolerant faith.”

When asked about seeking police protection for the Cathedral, the priest responded: “we don’t want to expose the police to an unpleasant moment.” In fact, law enforcement officials did not restrain the 500 pro-abortion vandals from repeatedly defacing the Cathedral walls or assaulting those defending its entrance.

The Catholic men and women who stood in defense of the Church cannot be labeled as intolerant fundamentalists, as Fr. Alberto Barros did. What’s so extreme about respecting innocent life from conception to natural death? What’s so extreme about affirming that marriage is the union between a man and a woman?

Make no mistake, the intolerant ones are those who attack Catholics for peacefully praying the Rosary on the steps of the Church; intolerant are those who promote abortion.

The local Bishop of Posadas, the Most Rev. Juan Martinez, called the pro-abortion feminists “violent and provocative professionals” and demanded that justice be carried out and the assaults not go unpunished.

The bishop also stated that the anti-Catholic graffiti would remain on the Cathedral walls for 48 hours, so that people might reflect on the gravity of the matter

.“The city was put down and violated,” said Bishop Martinez. “If they had done this to a synagogue, it would have been called an anti-Semitic aggression. But since it was committed against Catholics, nothing happens,” he stated.

May God bless the young, pro-life Catholics who had the courage to defend the Cathedral of Posadas – the House of God – and thus prevent greater desecration and shame. Their holy boldness will be rewarded.

Information for this post was provided by ArgentinosAlerta.org and is published with permission.