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News Release: Pro-Transgender Students Mob Pro-Family Event at Georgetown

Twerking, spitting, and cursing was how pro-transgender students at Georgetown University responded to a peaceful pro-family demonstration organized by TFP Student Action on April, 4, 2022.

  • “He spat at me when I politely offered him a flyer,” stated TFP volunteer Jon Paul Fabrizio.
  • “I never heard so many f-bombs and obscene insults in my life,” said volunteer John Wagner.
  • Michael Drake, another TFP volunteer, was left hard of hearing after a pro-transgender advocate put a bullhorn next to his ear and screamed. “The volume was extremely high,” and “my ears were ringing!” he said.

Watch the video here:

"God created us male and female,” said TFP Student Action director, John Ritchie. “Every cell of the human body – about 30 trillion cells – is stamped with a fixed genetic marker, XY for men and XX for women. And no amount of surgical procedures can change God’s original design. But the transgender movement would like to fool us into believing that men can become woman, and that women can become men.”

“Gender ideology is not natural, not scientific, and not moral,” Ritchie said. “The worst part is that very young children are being fed the lie and conditioned to embrace self-destruction.”

Although Georgetown University is the oldest Catholic university in America, many of its students and faculty members are at odds with Church teaching. TFP Student Action volunteers who visited the Jesuit campus said they met a mob of unruly students who attempted to kick them off the public sidewalk and deprive the young Catholic group of their free speech rights.

“Not only did pro-LGBT activists attack God and the basic human biology,” Ritchie explained, “but they also disrupted the recitation of the Rosary with yelling, twerking, and cursing. They preach tolerance for sin but attack those who love virtue.”

“TFP volunteers stood strong and peaceful during the ordeal. We can’t give up. More than ever, we must continue to serve God, promote the truth on college campuses, and encourage more souls to follow the heroic path of virtue, purity, and sanctity.”


TFP Student Action (http://www.tfpstudentaction.org/) is a national network of 209,255 Catholic students and concerned parents who are committed to defend traditional moral values and work to restore Christian Civilization in America.