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Press Release: More than 215,000 People Say Stop the Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK -- Sept. 18, 2014:
A total of 215,000 people have signed various petitions urging the Civic Center Music Hall located in Oklahoma City to cancel the satanic black mass scheduled on Sept. 21.

The largest petition hosted by Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) has already garnered 96,043 signers, who state:

"With my whole heart and soul, I express full, complete and vehement rejection of the satanic Black Mass scheduled at the Oklahoma City Civic Center on September 21, 2014. I urge you to cancel this event which offends 1 billion Catholics worldwide, 200,000 Catholics in Oklahoma and countless more God-loving Americans. Sacrilege is simply NOT free speech."

"The public outcry is only growing," said TFP Student Action Director, John Ritchie. "From every corner of the country, people are standing up against this public attempt to dethrone God."

"The sole purpose of the Black Mass is to attack God, ridicule the Catholic Mass, and desecrate the Holy Eucharist in a most vile, indecent and hateful manner," Ritchie stated.

"I find it baffling why the Civic Center would want to facilitate and advertise this sacrilege, using its public facility as a platform to attack God and demean all God-loving Americans," he said. "The Black Mass not only harms the moral fabric of one nation under God, but it also undermines the common good of society on many levels."

"What kind of event would the Civic Center say 'NO' to?" Ritchie asked. "Would it be a seminar promoting pedophilia? What about a conference advocating modern day methods of consensual cannibalism?"

"Shame on the Civic Center for misusing the First Amendment as a billy club to beat Christians over the head," he said. "This un-American Christian bashing behavior needs to stop. And our message to the Civic Center is simple: Stop the public sacrilege! Stop attacking the true Mass! Stop hurting God-loving Americans! Do what's right. Cancel the Black Mass today."

Other petitions against the Black Mass: CitzenGo collected 90,159, America Needs Fatima collected 29,212, residents in Oklahoma City collected 2,500.