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LGBT "Tolerance" Turns Violent at Millersville University

LGBT activist kicks peaceful TFP volunteer then claims she has the right to use violence. “Yeah, that’s right,” she said.

Instead of sitting inside sipping hot cocoa, TFP Student Action volunteers are on the go standing up for moral values.  This time they traveled to Millersville University on December 5, located in southeastern Penn., to educate students about the dangers of transgender ideology.  Liberals lost it.

Arriving in the morning, the campaign was set up at a busy intersection near the campus entrance on George Street. After praying three Hail Marys aloud and giving the customary battle cry “Tradition, Family Property – America!” the volunteers began distributing the flyer “Ten Reasons Why Transgenderism is the Family’s Worst Enemy.”

Most students took the TFP handout politely, many expressing interest.  However, it didn’t take long for anti-family advocates to appear. About 20 minutes into the campaign, a group of LGBT activist students who stylized themselves as “Silent Witness Peacekeepers” tried to disrupt the campaign. Wearing bright orange safety vests and carrying flags, they proceeded to create a “safe-space” perimeter around the TFP demonstration to "protect" students from being “micro-aggressed” and “bullied” by “hateful rhetoric. ” Several of them followed TFP volunteers around, attempting to block them from handing out flyers.  Unperturbed, TFP volunteers ignored the “safe space” and continued the campaign.

In the meantime, a counter-demonstration was slowly forming on the adjacent street corners. Pro LGBT advocates carrying rainbow and transgender flags trickled in, often announcing their presence with insults, middle fingers, or curse words.  One of their signs stood out.  It featured a single word: "Love."  But it soon became apparent how that "love" meant nothing of the sort.

Notice the rainbow horns worn by this pro-homosexual student (left). The student on her smart phone (right) attacked a TFP volunteer.

Liberal Student Kicks TFP Member

The students who supported gender theory became increasingly hostile and aggressive. One TFP member was kicked in the shin by a LGBT advocate when he offered her a flyer.
“Hey! You just kicked me!” said TFP volunteer Robert Nunez.
The student responded smugly: “I did.”
“So you preach love and tolerance, and but you think it’s okay to physically attack people you disagree with?”
“Yeah, that’s right,” she replied, while running back towards her fellow counter-protesters who were applauding her act of violence.

Another student approached the TFP banner and made veiled threats: “I’d like to see you put that up Philadelphia, you’d get shot.”

The counter demonstration quickly grew to 47 hostile pro-transgender students. They waved LGBT flags and filled the air with verbal slurs such as, “Get the hell out of here!” and “[expletive] off our campus you bigots!”  Several feigned interest to get a hold of more TFP flyers only to tear them to shreds.  

Two TFP members were spat at.  So much for peace and love and tolerance, right? 

Many students eagerly received the TFP handout for moral values.

Heated Debates

In the verbal fray, one could hear arguments like this:

Liberal:  “Study biology! You don’t know what you’re talking about!”
TFP volunteer: “I've studied biology. There are only two sexes which are determined by your chromosomes, XX or XY.”
Liberal: “No! There are animals without a sex, like sponges, and those who switch sexes. Study biology!”
TFP volunteer: “We are talking about human beings, not sponges. There is no such thing as a third sex.”
Liberal: “Yes there is! Study biology! What about humans with XXY chromosomes?!”
TFP volunteer: “That’s called Klinefelter Syndrome, but those who have it are still male.”
Woman: “But they’re people too!”
Volunteer: “No one’s denying that, but there still is no third sex.”

While transgenderism was the primary issue debated, atheists also challenged the volunteers on the existence of God and attacked the Catholic faith.

Student: “The Bible is a work of fiction, just like Harry Potter!”
Volunteer: “Prove it to me.”
Student: “The Bible has no credible sources.”
Volunteer: “Yes it does. There are manuscripts from the 3rd century.”
Student: “Exactly! Right after the event happened!”
Volunteer: “Every history book is like that. That’s what history is.”
Student: “Shut up you [bleep]!”
Volunteer: “When someone starts using insults as arguments, it proves that he has lost.”

TFP volunteer Damien Murphy gave out hundreds of flyers.

Examples of Support for Moral Values

Despite this, it was very common to see a passerby giving a nod of approval or a thumbs up. On several occasions supportive students approached and shook the hands of the  TFP volunteers to thank them for being there.

“I totally agree with you,” said a young woman after receiving a flyer. “I am a Christian and I am the only one in my class who believes in the Bible. I can’t express my beliefs without being persecuted.” She added, “It’s not fair. People should have the right to express their beliefs without being labeled as a bigot.”

A professor who was watching the action exclaimed: “Viva Plinio Correa de Oliveira!” referring to the founder of the first TFP.  “I had the pleasure of meeting the TFP many years ago.  So many of these kids are indoctrinated. They need to know the truth.”

Another man couldn’t contain his enthusiasm.  “I was on my way to class when I saw you guys,” he said with a bright smile. “I've been praying for something like this to happen. Thank God you're all here!” He proceeded to shake everyone’s hand and stayed on the sidewalk to show support.

Many other students admired the peaceful and calm manner in which the TFP conducted themselves in response to the unceasing liberal barrage. At a certain point, a pro-homosexual leader on campus confessed, “We may not agree with you, but at least you all use reason and civility, and what they're doing [to you] is totally unnecessary. You shouldn't be subjected to this.”

Shortly before wrapping up, two young women explained how important and timely the TFP campaign was. “There’s no conservative activism here,” they said, “but we’re trying to organize more conservative students so we can have our own events like this.”

At the end, TFP volunteers lined up in front of their banner as usual and prayed aloud three Hail Marys in thanksgiving for a good campaign, followed by the TFP battle cry. The counter-protestors, enraged by this, booed and yelled.  TFP volunteers responded with the Cristero battle cry: “Viva Cristo Rey! Viva!”  It worked well.

Already at the van, two young men hurried up.  “You guys are awesome!” they said.  “We’re sorry we couldn’t join you. We saw you through the window while we were eating and by the time we finished, you all were walking away.” They each took a flier.

Standing up for moral values is a tough battle, but despite the vicious opposition, the campaign was a great success. Not only were hundreds of flyers distributed to students and faculty, but the dominant leftist consensus that transgenderism and homosexual “marriage” are settled issues was shattered.  As a result, encouragement and hope were given to the silent yet concerned students to take a public stand for moral values and for the future of Christian Civilization.

May God protect America from the ravages of transgender ideology.