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Florida House Approves “In God We Trust” Display in Every School

A bill requiring Florida schools to display the state motto “In God We Trust” was passed by the House of Representatives on February 21, after its third reading. The bill now awaits Senate approval.

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House Bill 839 “Requires each district school board to adopt rules for display of [Florida's] official state motto in specified places.” This bipartisan bill is sponsored by Florida state Representatives Mel Ponder (R) and Kimberly Daniels (D).

Coming on the heels of the Florida school shooting in Parkland this initiative is welcomed by countless Americans who love God. More than ever, we need to place our trust in God to find lasting solutions.

Since 2013, the number of school shootings has risen alarmingly. According to Statista.com, in 2013, there were 37 school shootings, compared to 65 school shootings in 2017.

With our culture in such disarray, we must turn back to God in order to save society and the future generations. God is the source of order. Without Him and His law, there can be no lasting peace. Without Him, the parameters of good and evil dissolve.

For generations, God has been effectively expelled from the public school system. Madalyn Murray O’Hair, founder of American Atheists, was one of the main leaders of this rejection of God in society and in schools in particular.

In 1960, Murray O’Hair sued the Baltimore school district in Murray v. Curlett, because she claimed that the practice of reading the Bible and reciting prayers in school were against the atheist principles of her son as well as her own. Her case went to the Supreme Court in Abington School District v. Schempp. Finally, in 1963, a verdict was issued: “no state law or school board may require that passages from the Bible be read or that the Lord's Prayer be recited in the public schools of a State.”

However, the Florida bill introducing "In God we trust" in schools is a step in the right direction for America.

TFP Student Action supports Florida state leaders who are working to put God's Holy Name back into our schools and encourages others to support this effort as well.

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