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First-Grader Sent to the Principal's Office for 'Misgendering'

In a story that gets more shocking each day, first graders in an embattled charter school must toe the politically correct ideology of today's pro-transgender activists or face discipline.

According to the pro-family Capitol Resource Institute, a first grader from Rocklin Academy Gateway was reprimanded on the school playground, called to the principal's office, and the child's parents were contacted by the school -- all over calling a classmate by the name the peer went by for all of kindergarten.

"The little girl was told 'you can't do that, his name is this name,' and 'you need to call him a 'her.' Then she was called to the principal's office," explained Karen England of Capitol Resource Institute.

This is the latest in the rapidly unfolding story involving a classroom of Rocklin Academy Gateway 5-year-olds who, without their parents' knowledge, were forced to take part in a transgender reveal exercise on one of the last days of kindergarten as the young boy arrived at school a boy and left identifying as a "girl." Students were read two books supporting transgenderism. Parents only recently found out about the school's role in the event and this week took their concerns to the school governing board.

Schools should be institutions of factual learning, not social laboratories pushing the latest agenda of the Sexual Revolution. It's time to protect our children and assert the God-given rights of each parent to defend their innocence.

Help parents peacefully fight back.

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