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CPAC Needs Moral Leadership

TFP booth, where thousands received Don't Betray Principles

Just as a drop of poison can spoil a crystalline glass of water, a measure of compromise on non-negotiable principles might destroy the meaning of “conservative” at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the largest annual gathering of its kind.

This year a pro-homosexual group called GOProud was allowed to co-sponsor the event, prompting a boycott by several prominent conservative groups. Not surprisingly, the liberal media gave GOProud ample coverage.

The American TFP decided to attend the event with a specific message to CPAC leaders and attendees: Don’t Betray Principles.  During the February 10-12 conference, TFP Student Action volunteers manned a well-visited booth and distributed thousands of leaflets urging CPAC participants to defend objective moral law and oppose the homosexual movement.  

A U.S. soldier about to deploy to Iraq stopped by the TFP booth: “Thank you very much for opposing the repeal of ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell,’” he said. “In the service, we don’t want this.  We’re willing to give our lives for our country, but now we feel stabbed in the back by that very nation,” he stated. “I can testify from personal experience that homosexuality destroys unit cohesion more than racism; it devastates trust.”

GOProud favors open homosexuality in the military and same-sex "marriage." How can that be considered even slightly conservative?

Several pro-homosexual individuals ripped up the TFP flier or used obscene language to attack TFP members. However, a good number of college students were happy to receive the material. “This is exactly what I needed,” said one student as he joyfully waved a copy of 10 Reasons Why Same-Sex “Marriage” is Harmful and Must Be Opposed. 

Another remarked: “Of the many fliers one collects at CPAC, this one is worth keeping because it explains why Americans honor traditions which our society is built upon.”

Authentic conservatives call upon CPAC leaders to remain true to the principles and moral values that give the conservative movement its meaning, vitality and strength. Only then can we expect to attract the blessings of God upon our nation.