Call to Chivalry Camps

Chivalry is Alive in the Great Lakes Region

Throughout the camp, the boys were given fencing lessons, played vigorous sessions of field games such as steal the bacon, capture the flag, prison break, British bulldogs, blind “chariot” races, shield ball, circular dodge-ball, wheelbarrow races and relay races.

Boys, Chivalry and Adventure in the Ozarks

No. Chivalry is not dead: Campers departed enriched by new friends, inspired by the examples of the Saints, and ready to follow the virtuous maxims of Catholic chivalry in the 21st Century.

These Boys Serve God at Call to Chivalry Camp in Louisiana

The purpose of the TFP Call to Chivalry Camp is to encourage as many young men as possible to live by the highest principles and virtues of Catholic Chivalry, the very same ones that brought Christian Civilization to its glorious apogee.

TFP Fall Camp: Boys Who Want the Highest Ideal

Few places rival the rugged yet majestic beauty of the Ozarks where TFP-Louisiana held its latest Call to Chivalry Fall Camp for young men and their dads. The location of the camp, perched on the edge of the Buffalo River in the heart of the Arkansan Ozarks, was perfect for the five-day adventure.

Boys Welcome 2016 with Epic Chivalry Camp

Preparing a new generation of Catholic heroes.

Young Crusaders in a World “Devastated and Without Honor”

“Finally! Young men who are Crusaders! It gives me hope to see young men like you.” Amidst the barrage of immorality and mediocrity in this post-modern society, 50 young men attended the 2015 TFP Call to Chivalry Summer Camp in Louisiana to learn about heroism, virtue and how to be true manly Catholics.

Video: Boys Pray to Save Real Marriage at TFP Call to Chivalry Camp

Where boys learn what it takes to become a Catholic hero!

Call to Chivalry Winter Camp Celebrates New Year With Focus on Saint Michael

To usher in the New Year, the TFP hosted a Call to Chivalry Winter Camp for young men from around the country.

Video: Boys Pray to Stop Abortion During Chivalry Camp

How often do you see a cheerful group of forty young men praying the rosary outside Planned Parenthood?

Summer Camp Where Boys and Dads Discover Catholic Chivalry

After a grueling lineup of competitive Medieval Games followed by a solemn rosary procession and sumptuous banquet, the annual ten-day TFP-Louisiana Call to Chivalry camp came to a close on July 10th.