Call to Chivalry Camps

Boys Campaign for Unborn During Arctic Freeze

Living the spirit of Catholic Chivalry.

TFP Chivalry Camp in the Shadow of the Sequoias

The majesty of the giant trees, the rugged beauty of the mountains, and the marvelous star-studded skies at night made the adventure absolutely unforgettable.

A Call to Chivalry is Heard in Ireland

Unlike most camps that only focus on fun, this one also fostered manly Faith.

Boys Rediscover Catholic Heroes at TFP Camp in Louisiana

By the grace of Our Lady, TFP Louisiana has just concluded the 15th annual Call to Chivalry Summer Camp in Louisiana

Chivalry is Alive in the Great Lakes Region

Throughout the camp, the boys were given fencing lessons, played vigorous sessions of field games such as steal the bacon, capture the flag, prison break, British bulldogs, blind “chariot” races, shield ball, circular dodge-ball, wheelbarrow races and relay races.

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