Tell Catholic Colleges to Stop Listing Mega Abortion Provider Planned Parenthood

  • February 03, 2022
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Please sign your peaceful protest today.

Because several Catholic colleges currently feature Planned Parenthood as “resources” for students: Felician College, St. John Fisher College, Saint Joseph’s University, and The College of Saint Rose (has REMOVED the links).

Everyone knows what Planned Parenthood does. Not only is it the largest abortion provider in the nation, but it feeds the godless culture of death that keeps the abortion cycle running.

In many ways, Planned Parenthood is the flagship of the sexual revolution, the antithesis of Catholic moral teaching and natural law.

It’s hard to believe that colleges founded on Godly principles, dedicated to Catholic education, would point students to Planned Parenthood, a place where innocent unborn babies are snuffed out and dismembered every day.

In face of this scandal, you and I cannot just stay silent and do nothing. We must speak up and prevent the Culture of Death from poisoning more young minds.

  • God bless you for caring.
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  • Fight for the unborn.

(Here are screen shots of the referral links to PP)