Catholic University Allows Radical Pro-Abortion Club. Join the Protest.

  • November 08, 2018
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Your voice is urgently needed because:

Scandal #1: Club promotes abortion. H*yas for Choice at Georgetown hosts an annual "Abortion Story Share" promoted by hash tag "#ShoutYourAbortion." The event is meant to "normalize and destigmatize abortion" for women who have killed their unborn babies.

Scandal #2: Distributes contraceptives. On a daily basis, H*yas for Choice activists distribute contraceptives throughout campus. Their table in Red Square is a hub where students receive free contraception, including Plan B.

Scandal #3: Fundraises for Planned Parenthood. H*yas for Choice organized a bake sale on campus for Planned Parenthoood, announcing "all proceeds benefitting local abortion provider."

Scandal #4: Invites pro-abortion speaker. H*yas for Choice featured Dr. Laura Meyers, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. on campus during its "Choice Week" program.

Scandal #5: Attacks Catholic teaching. H*yas for Choice invited Sonja Spoo of Catholics for Choice to speak on campus. The event was illustrated with a poster that read: "Protecting Abortion Access is a Catholic value."

Scandal #6: Promotes transgenderism. On March 21, the student club promoted a "Pro-Choice = Pro-Trans" event in White-Gravenor Hall. The pro-transgender meeting taught Georgetown students "how to make your reprojustice activism trans-inclusive" and "advance both causes."

No Catholic campus should ever allow a pro-abortion club.

Sign and share this peaceful protest.

God bless you.