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Support for God's Marriage Increasing: Report from Lafayette, La.

Today, TFP volunteers campaigned near the Cajun Dome at Congress and Bertrand, one of the busiest intersections in Lafayette, Louisiana. Once again the support witnessed for traditional marriage was really splendid. Police cars, trucks, pickups, almost everyone seemed to honk and agree that marriage should not be tampered with and that the U.S. Supreme Court has no business attempting to change the meaning of marriage which is based on human nature, not the wild and impure demands of the Sexual Revolution.

"The world is going crazy"

Already at the hotel where some TFP volunteers stayed the night, the manager asked: "You here for a wedding?" After explaining the nature of our campaign for marriage, he mentioned how he would like to join us and expressed real concern for his children who are growing up in a culture that has lost its moral compass. "The world is going crazy," he said. "How am I going to tell my children that the Supreme Court allows two men or two woman to get married? The world is insane and I really appreciate what you do. I'm all for what you stand for. Thank you. Keep it up!"

The weather was good -- sunny, humid and hot. The banners looked great fluttering in the breeze and our bagpipers, not accustomed to the humid weather conditions, had some difficulty playing for long periods of time, but they didn't give up.

Lots of support

A lady who works at the hospital came over to encourage us. "I lived in Canada and I saw firsthand what the legalization of abortion did to the family. Now, when the Supreme Court handed down this decision [to legalize same-sex "marriage"], I was torn apart. And I decided we need to fight this." She asked for two copies of our flier, 10 Reasons Why Homosexual "Marriage" is Harmful and Must be Opposed.

Shortly after, a Vietnamese gentleman with a thick accent parked his car, took a few TFP handouts, and emphatically expressed his disapproval of same-sex "marriage," saying, "we need to pray because the world is going crazy."

Riding up on a bicycle, one fellow attempted to convince us that our campaign was not going to sway any college students to our side of the debate. One of our newest volunteers who was campaigning for the first time, turned to him and said, "Well, I'm a college student."

Also, a liberal professor from the University of Lafayette was really unnerved seeing college-aged volunteers promoting God's marriage with conviction and smiles on their faces.

We chalked up the day as a success. Tomorrow will present new challenges as we push forward to Texas. We count on the protection of Saint Michael, Saint Joseph and the Blessed Mother, as well as your precious prayers. Keep them coming.

God bless America and protect our great nation from the pro-homosexual dictatorship.

Our readers write:

With so many issues we need common sense groups like this one to be a "beacon." The majority of Americans feel like they can do nothing to change what is happening to our way of life, this group is a tool to help empower the majority. We are in a time where the "tail is wagging the dog" -- special interests are telling the masses what they will believe and support. America was not built on special interests.

Thank you for what you do. We were hand picked by God to live in this time to do His will, like it was told to Esther in the Bible: "You were created for such a time as this." We will be the difference.

May Our Blessed Holy Mother watch over you, and send her angels to protect you, as you take on the forces of evil, in your battle for good.
Kindest best wishes,
Anne Marie J.