How to Get Started

1. Location: Excellent locations for a monthly Rosary are: the campus quad, outside a student union building, in the public square, or in front of an abortion clinic.

Note: Activities must be peaceful and legal.

2. Planning: Meet your friends for refreshments before or after each event to plan future activities.

Sample agenda:

  • Decide where and when the public Rosary will take place. A good date to consider is the first Friday or Saturday of each month;
  • Delegate. Give each person a specific role;
  • Set goals. Keep minutes of your meetings;
  • Study the Fatima message;
  • Reach others. Advertise your Rosary events.

3. Organize: Compile contact information of those in your group and others willing to join. It should include e-mail, phone number, and address.

4. Make signs and flyers: Make a sign to display while you pray the Rosary, for example, one that reads: “Pray to stop abortion" or "Join our rosary for the conversion of America." If you would like us to send you a banner, e-mail us at [email protected].

Reports: Send a brief email update about your activities to TFP Student Action at [email protected]. This is important because we hope to organize 5,000 Rosary rallies in 2010 to honor Our Lady of Fatima. To have an accurate tally, your reports are vital.

Pictures: If you take pictures, please send them to us. They will be shared with TFP members nationwide and published on the TFP Student Action website.