Urge Catholic Xavier University to Cancel the Lewd V-Monologues Play

  • February 19, 2019
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Xavier University -- a Catholic university in Cincinnati, Ohio -- plans to host the lewd “V-Monologues” play on March 2.  Promoted by Xavier's Center for Mission and Identity, the event will be held in Xavier Theatre.

What an insult to St. Francis Xavier's holy memory!

Unfortunately, the "V-Monologues" play by Eve Ensler is often staged by the pro-abortion movement as a tool to tear down moral boundaries.  Its vulgar and immoral content is designed to shock, degrade, and desensitize.

Under the disguise of fighting violence against women, the production fosters the perverse Culture of Death that feeds the fire of disorderly passions responsible for causing so much violence and abuse -- namely, lust, unnatural vice, immodesty and crude vulgarity.

The late Bishop John D'Arcy condemned the play because of its "direct opposition to church teaching."

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Contact information (be polite but firm)

Fr. Michael J. Graham, S.J.
President, Xavier University
Phone: 513-745-3502
Fax: 513-745-4223
Ms. Mary Lang (assistant, office of the president)
Email: [email protected]