Tell Catholic University to Remove Blasphemous Icon That Features George Floyd Instead of Jesus

  • November 24, 2021
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Instead of Our Lord, the painting features George Floyd with a halo embraced by what appears to be Our Lady. The blasphemous “icon” is on display at two locations at the Catholic University of America, according to The Daily Signal.

Join TFP Student Action’s peaceful protest today. The Sacred Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ deserves utmost honor and respect. Tell Catholic University not to distort, sully or twist what is sacred, pure, and holy.

However, the university inaugurated the offensive painting with a ceremony and news release: “… the Catholic Law community held an unveiling and blessing of a new icon for the Law School’s Mary Mirror of Justice Chapel. The icon, Kelly Latimore’s ‘Mama,’ was created following the death of George Floyd and is evocative of the Pieta—a mother mourning her son.”

The same “artist” repeatedly attacks the sacred. On his website, Kelly Latimore’s work depicts rainbow-colored rays emanating from the Holy Spirit with the blasphemous title, “Light of Christ.” Another “icon” features Marsha P. Johnson (male) as a saint with a halo. Johnson was a member of ACT UP, the same pro-homosexual group that invaded Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, interrupted the Holy Mass, and desecrated the Holy Eucharist.

Thank God, students at the Catholic University of America issued a protest calling for the prompt removal of the blasphemous “Mama” image. “...we believe that it is extremely grave that our university, the official university of the Catholic Church in North America, would cast another in the image of Our Lord in this way, particularly for political purposes,” the statement reads. “No political or social cause ever justifies depicting another in the place of Jesus Christ.”

“There are many students, faculty, and staff who are concerned about this, but there is nothing we can do,” a CUA student who requested anonymity told The Daily Signal. “And if we sound the alarm, we will be labeled racists.”

Urge the Catholic University of America to remove the blasphemous depiction of Our Lady holding George Floyd instead of her Most Divine Son.

Sign your peaceful protest.
Oppose this blasphemy.

Please be polite yet firm in your communications:

Mr. John Garvey
President, The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20064

Phone: 202-319-5100