Tell Cardinal Stritch University: Stop Neo-Pagan LGBT Agenda on Catholic Campus

  • November 03, 2020
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Defend moral values.  Sign the protest today.

Unfortunately, Cardinal Stritch University – a Catholic institution in Wisconsin – is hosting a speaker named Geo Neptune who self identifies as a two-spirit, drag queen, and transgender activist.

The live-stream presentation scheduled on Nov. 5, 2020 will be about "decolonizing education" and "indigenizing Western frameworks."

The presentation attacks the very foundation upon which Cardinal Stritch University was built: Christian Civilization.  Furthermore, the attempt to “indigenize” is an insult to the Franciscan nuns who founded the university precisely to evangelize America and promote Western and Christian values.

Why is Stritch University contributing to destroy its own heritage?  Why would a Catholic university promote an event designed to decolonize, dewesternize, and decivilize?

Help concerned parents and faithful Catholic students stand up for virtue, purity and truth.

Sign your peaceful protest petition today.  Urge the university to host speakers who follow Church teaching, not individuals who seek to destroy the precious remnants of Christian Civilization in higher education.

Please be polite yet firm in your communications:

Dr. Daniel J. Scholz
Interim President, Cardinal Stritch University
[email protected]
(414) 410-4006