STOP Radical Pro-Abortion Advocacy Group at the Largest Catholic Campus in America

  • May 05, 2020
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DePaul University – a Catholic institution in Chicago with 22,000 students – is allowing a radical pro-abortion advocacy group called If/When/How to operate on campus.

This group aggressively promotes abortion, especially among law students.

For example, on its web site:

  • If/When/How promotes abortion for minors and opposes laws that requires parental notification: “If/When/How is working to change the way that minors are able to access abortion in the U.S.”

  • If/When/How funds abortions: “We provide technical assistance to organizations within reproductive health, rights, and justice movements, including abortion funds…”

  • If/When/How pushes self-managed abortion:  “Here you can find information about self-managed abortion, or ending your own pregnancy…”

Please sign your pro-life petition now!

Tell DePaul to STOP allowing the pro-abortion group If/When/How to operate at the largest Catholic university in America.

The truth is simple:  You can’t be Catholic and at the same time support procured abortion in any way, shape or form.  Because it’s a mortal sin to kill an innocent person.

Enough is enough.

Please sign your pro-life protest now.
God bless you.