STOP Fr. James Martin’s Pro-Transgender Summit at Fordham University

  • June 03, 2023
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Join faithful Catholics in this prayerful protest to oppose Fr. James Martin's summit titled “Outreach 2023: LGBT Catholic Ministry Conference” at Fordham University on June 16-18, 2023.

Not only does Fr. Martin support transgenderism for children, but he also endorses blasphemous “Pride Masses” and sacrilegious “rainbow rosaries.” In short, his message is this: “Accept homosexuality. Subvert the Church.”

Moreover, instead of honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the month of June, the speakers at the upcoming conference will target children with panels titled:

  • LGBTQ Ministry in High Schools
  • Raising LGBTQ Catholic Children
  • The Church and the Transgender Catholic
  • The Catholic Lesbian Experience

Just to give you an idea, dissident and blasphemous speakers will include:

Sr. Jeannine Gramick: This pro-homosexual nun was silenced by the Vatican in 1999 for her immoral agenda at New Ways Ministry.

She recently expressed her support for the L.A. Dodgers’ decision to honor a blasphemous group of male drag queen “nuns” at Dodger Stadium. “I applaud the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” Sr. Gramick wrote. (New Ways Ministry, May 27, 2023)

Fr. Bryan Massingale: This dissident priest self-identifies as homosexual and attacks Church authority in blasphemous terms: “Yes, we certainly need to rethink our church’s official sexual ethics. But even more, we have to rethink God.” (DignityUSA, July 4, 2019)

Fr. Donal Godfrey, SJ: As a pro-homosexual advocate, Fr. Godfrey blasphemously suggests in his writing that God is transgender. “Certainly I believe that God who is, in a sense, transgender, one that crosses all boundaries and social constructs.” (Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal, Jan. 1, 2015)

This is outrageous.

Tell Fordham to cancel Fr. Martin's pro-homosexual summit on campus.

Not only are the summit speakers at odds with the Bible, but also against natural law, papal documents, the Fathers of the Church, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and countless saints.

  • Let’s proclaim God’s eternal and unchanging truth.
  • Sign your peaceful protest.
  • Share it.

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