Tell Jesuit Campus: Nix the "Drag Show" and Close the “Trans-Affirming” Clinic for Children

  • October 10, 2022
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This is a spiritual battle. And your voice really matters.

Because Saint Louis University announced that it will be staging a pro-homosexual drag show called "Don't Be A Drag, Just be a Queen/King: Drag Show.” If not canceled -- the event will be on Oct. 11, 2022 in the BSC Wool Ballroom.

Please protest now.

What will happen at this vile event? Well, lewd performers typically celebrate LUST. But the sinful show is only part of “LGBTQ+ History Month,” which means the Jesuit university is bombarding students with pro-sin activities all month long.

This is what Catholic students face:

  • “Coming Out the Closet/Dare to Be You” (Oct. 11)
  • “Baby, I Was Born This Way: Religion & LGBTQ+ Identities” (Oct. 11)
  • “LGBTQ+ Advocacy Day” (Oct. 13)
  • R-Rated “Diversity Movie Series – ‘Moonlight’” (Oct. 13)
  • “Transgender Health Care Day” (Oct. 14)
  • Pro-homosexual “SafeZone Training” (Oct. 27)

What might be worse, Saint Louis University runs a “Queer and Trans Wellness Clinic” on campus. The pro-transgender clinic offers “culturally-attuned therapeutic care and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Children as young as 13 can go to the clinic, which offers “Letters of support for social and medical transitions.”

As you know, “transitions” involve puberty blockers for children that harm the body that God created. The so-called therapeutic “sessions are open to adolescents ages 13-20,” the university web site reads.

The same site praises the “beautiful galaxy of possibilities of gender identity and expression.” And the clinic welcome page features a pregnant-looking man!

Saint Louis University also runs a “Transgender Health Collaborative.” Among its stated goals and services, you find this:

  • “Advance gender-affirming healthcare” and train medical students “to be competent in gender-affirming practices through clinical education.”
  • “Feminizing and masculinizing voice therapy for gender-diverse patients.”
  • “Gender-affirming healthcare for transmasculine and transfeminine patients.”
  • “These services include individual, couple, family and group therapy for queer and trans people of all ages.” [Emphasis ours]

As you can tell, the smoke of Satan has literally infected this Jesuit campus.

Sign your e-protest today. Help Catholic students to be faithful.