SHAME on Disney for Pushing Twisted Transgender Gonzo-rella on Toddlers – Sign Your Protest

  • August 22, 2021
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The days of Pinocchio are gone.  Disney wants children to cross-dress now.

Disney Junior Channel – for 2 to 7 year-olds – released a twisted transgender version of Cinderella called Gonzo-rella in its reboot of “Muppet Babies.” The production features a male (boy) cartoon character who goes to the ball in a princess dress.  It also uses logic-scrambling pronouns.

Shame on Disney!

Sign your peaceful protest today.

Fox News reports:

“Although Gonzo wanted to wear a dress, two characters say that boys are supposed to wear knight costumes. However, a ‘fairy ratfather’ grants Gonzo's wish to become a ‘princess.’” (08-02-21)

The Christian Post:

“The television network Disney Junior is receiving criticism for a storyline featured on a recent episode of one of its hit children’s shows involving a main character deciding to cross-dress.” (08-03-21)

CBN News:

“… Walt Disney Company is now targeting even younger children with the LGBTQ agenda.”

If we don’t speak up, who will?

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