Urge Catholic Campus to Replace Pro-LGBT Priest Who Favors Transgenderism for Kids

  • October 01, 2020
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Like a wolf rather than a true shepherd, Fr. Bryan Massingale, who teaches theology at Fordham University, is subverting moral values.

According to reports, Fr. Massingale:

  • Praised two debauched drag queens
  • Suggested that God created sin
  • Presented himself as a “gay” priest
  • Said: “We have to rethink God.”
  • Opposed referendum to protect marriage
  • Favored transgenderism for children
  • Called sinful unions “holy families”

Please sign the prayerful protest.

Urge Fordham to replace pro-LGBT priest who favors transgenderism for children and gives scandal to students.

In fact, Fr. Massingale is pushing to normalize unnatural vice inside the Church. During the month of June, when Catholics honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Fr. Massingale highlighted “Pride Month.”

In the video address, he blasphemously suggested that God is the author of homosexuality: “We bear God’s image and imprint,” he said. “Let us say happy pride…. We are in the image of God.”

In contrast, the late Pope John Paul II condemned the “pride” parade in Rome as an “offense” against moral values. Speaking against homosexual sin, the Pope stressed that the Church “cannot be silent about the truth, because she would fail in her fidelity to God the Creator and would not help to distinguish good from evil.”

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